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Check out the best builds, items, and runes to play Volibear in Wild Rift, and get to know their abilities and combos!

To those who still revere him, the Volibear is the storm made manifest. Destructive, wild, and stubbornly resolute, he existed before mortals walked the Freljord's tundra, and is fiercely protective of the lands that he and his demi-god kin created. Cultivating a deep hatred of civilization and the weakness it brought with it, he now fights to return to the old ways—when the land was untamed, and blood spilled freely—and eagerly battles all who oppose him, with tooth, claw, and thundering domination.

Volibear builds for Wild Rift

Build #1:

0 Items:
  • Divine Sunderer
  • Black Cleaver
  • Sterak's Gage
  • Riftmaker
  • Amaranth's Twinguard
  • Mercury's Treads
  • Stasis Enchant
  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Last Stand
  • Legend: Bloodline
  • Overgrowth
  • Flash
  • Smite

Build #2:

0 Items:
  • Divine Sunderer
  • Black Cleaver
  • Sterak's Gage
  • Riftmaker
  • Amaranth's Twinguard
  • Mercury's Treads
  • Stasis Enchant
  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Last Stand
  • Legend: Bloodline
  • Bone Plating
  • Flash
  • Ignite

Build #3:

0 Items:
  • Divine Sunderer
  • Thornmail
  • Spirit Visage
  • Amaranth's Twinguard
  • Sterak's Gage
  • Mercury's Treads
  • Stoneplate Enchant
  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Giant Slayer
  • Legend: Tenacity
  • Overgrowth
  • Flash
  • Smite

Build #4:

0 Items:
  • Divine Sunderer
  • Riftmaker
  • Spirit Visage
  • Guardian Angel
  • Amaranth's Twinguard
  • Plated Steelcaps
  • Stoneplate Enchant
  • Grasp of the Undying
  • Triumph
  • Giant Slayer
  • Legend: Tenacity
  • Overgrowth
  • Flash
  • Smite

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Boot and Enchant

Volibear Abilities

The Relentless Storm

Icon of The Relentless Storm ability

Volibear gains 5% + 4% Attack Speed for 6s whenever he deals damage with an Ability or Attack, stacking up to 5x.

At 5 stacks, Volibear's claws ignite with lightning, causing his Attacks to deal an additional 11 - 60 + 40% Magic Damage to the target and the 4 closest enemies.

Thundering Smash

Icon of Thundering Smash ability
13/12/11/10s 50

Volibear gains 10/15/20/25% Move Speed, increased to 20/30/40/50% towards enemy champions for the next 4s. While active, Volibear's next Attack deals 15/40/65/90 + 100% bonus Physical Damage and Stuns the target for 1s. If Volibear becomes Immobilized before he Stuns a target, Thundering Smash's duration is paused.

Frenzied Maul

Icon of Frenzied Maul ability
5s 35

Volibear mauls an enemy, dealing 5/30/55/80 + 100% +5% bonus Physical Damage. If Volibear mauls a champion or Large Monster he goes into a Frenzy for 8s.

If this Ability is used when in a Frenzy, its damage is increased to 8/48/88/128 + 160% +8% bonus Physical Damage and Volibear restores 20/30/40/50 plus 7/8/9/10% missing Health. This Ability applies on-hit effects. Deals 80% damage to monsters.

Sky Splitter

Icon of Sky Splitter ability
13s 60

Volibear summons a thundercloud that fires a lightning bolt, dealing 80/110/140/170 + 50% plus 11/12/13/14% max Health Magic Damage and Slowing by 40% for 2s.

If Volibear is inside the blast zone, he gains a Shield of 75% plus 14% max Health for 3s. Damage against non-champions is capped at 150/250/350/450.


Icon of Stormbringer ability
90/80/70s 100

Volibear transforms and leaps, gaining 175/350/525 Health and 50 Attack Range for next 12s.

Upon landing, Volibear cracks the earth, Disabling nearby towers for 3/4/5s and dealing 300/450/600 + 100% + 200% Bonus Physical Damage to them. Nearby enemies are Slowed by 50%, decaying over 1s. Enemies directly underneath Volibear suffer 300/450/600 + 100% + 200% Bonus Physical Damage.

Renowned as its finest peacekeeper, Caitlyn is also Piltover's best shot at ridding the city of its elusive criminal elements. She is often paired with Vi, acting as a cool counterpoint to her partner's more impetuous nature. Even though she carries a one-of-a-kind hextech rifle, Caitlyn's most powerful weapon is her superior intellect, allowing her to lay elaborate traps for any lawbreakers foolish enough to operate in the City of Progress.

Caitlyn's Abilities


Headshot ability icon

Every 6 attacks fires a Headshot, dealing Physical Damage bonus equal to 50% - 100% + 125% of Critical Rate. Trapped or netted enemies trigger a Headshot that has double range. Attacking from brush builds Headshot twice as fast.

Piltover Peacemaker

Piltover Peacemaker ability icon
9/8/7/6s 50/60/70/80

Fires a narrow piercing bullet that deals 60/110/160/210 + 125/140/155/170% of Physical Damage. Hitting an enemy expands the bullet, but reduces subsequent damage by 40%. Always deal full damage to trapped or netted enemies.

Yordle Snap Trap

Yordle Snap Trap ability icon
0.5s (charges in 27/22/17/12s) 20

Sets a trap that enemy champions can spring, immobilizing them for 1.5s and Revealing them for a short duration. Traps last for 30s and 2/3/4/5 traps can be active at once. Tap to position under the nearest enemy.

90 Caliber Net

90 Caliber Net ability icon
16/14/12/10s 75

Launches a net, knocking Caitlyn backwards. The net deals 70/120/170/220 + 80% of Magic Damage and 50% Slow for 1.5s.

Ace in the Hole

Ace in the Hole ability icon
65/55/45s 100

Lines up a perfect shot, Revealing an enemy champion for 1.5s before dealing Physical Damage equal to 200/375/550 + 200% bonus AD plus 20% of the target's missing Health. Enemy champions can intercept the bullet before it hits their ally.

Wukong is a vastayan trickster who uses his strength, agility, and intelligence to confuse his opponents and gain the upper hand. After finding a lifelong friend in the warrior known as Master Yi, Wukong became the last student of the ancient martial art known as Wuju. Armed with an enchanted staff, Wukong seeks to prevent Ionia from falling to ruin.

Wukong Abilities

Crushing Blows

Crushing Blows ability icon

Wukong and his clones' attacks and abilities apply Crushing Blows to champions and epic monsters for 5s (max 5). For each stack, Wukong and his clones deal 4% increased damage to the target.

Golden Staff

Golden Staff ability icon
8/7,5/7/6,5s 40

Passive: Gains 150 range for his next attack after casting an ability for 5s.

Active: Empowers his next attack to deal an additional 40/60/80/100 + 35/40/45/50% physical damage and heal Wukong for 50/70/90/110 + 40% + 16% bonus.

Wukong and his clone's attacks reduce Golden Staff's cooldown by 0.5 seconds. Heal is reduced by 50% against non-champions.

Warrior Trickster

Warrior Trickster ability icon
17/16/15/14s 55/60/65/70

Becomes invisible for 1s, leaving behind a clone for 3/3.5/4/4.5s that attacks nearby enemies for 20/30/40/50% damage. The clone will mimic Wukong's Golden Staff and Cyclone.

Nimbus Strike

Nimbus Strike ability icon
8s 45/50/55/60

Dashes to a target while sending clones to 2 additional targets, dealing 60/95/130/165 + 80% bonus physical damage. The clones strike the original target if there are no additional targets for 15% damage. Gains 25/35/45/55% Attack Speed for 4s after dashing.


Cyclone ability icon
80/70/60s 100

Extends his staff and spins to gain 20% Movement Speed, dealing physical damage equal to 220% + 8/12/16% of enemies max health over 2s. Enemies that are hit for the first time are knocked up. Cyclone can be recast once within 8s.

A fiend with a thirst for mortal blood, Vladimir has influenced the affairs of Noxus since the empire's earliest days. In addition to unnaturally extending his life, his mastery of hemomancy allows him to control the minds and bodies of others as easily as his own. In the flamboyant salons of the Noxian aristocracy, this has enabled him to build a fanatical cult of personality around himself—while in the lowest back alleys, it allows him to bleed his enemies dry.

Vladimir's Abilities

Crimson Pact

Crimson Pact ability icon

Gains Ability Power equal to 4.5% of Maximum Health and gains Bonus Health equal to 120% of Ability Power (Both effects do not mutually stack).


Transfusion ability icon

Drains life from enemies, dealing 80/110/140/170 + 60% of Magic Damage and restoring 15/20/25/30 + 35% Health. When this ability's cooldown ends, generates a stack of Bloodthirst. At 2 stacks, gains 10/20/30/40% bonus Movement Speed (changes at levels 1/5/9/13) for 0.5s and enters Crimson Rush for 2.5s, gradually depleting all Bloodthirst stacks over this time.

Crimson Rush: While in this state, empowers the next cast of Transfusion to deal 85% bonus damage and heal himself for 30-170 + [5 + 3%]% of missing Health. When cast, consumes all Bloodthirst stacks and ends Crimson Rush. The empowered version of this ability heals for 35% against minions.

Sanguine Pool

Sanguine Pool ability icon
25/22/19/16s 20% of current Health

Sinks into a blood pool, becoming untargetable for 2s. Also gains 35% bonus Movement Speed that gradually decays over 1s. While the blood pool is active, enemies within the blood pool take 20/40/60/80 + 2% of Vladimir's Maximum Health as Magic Damage every 0.5s and are slowed by 40%. Also restores Health equal to 15% of the damage dealt.

Tides of Blood

Tides of Blood ability icon
12.5/10/7.5/5s 8% of current Health

Charges up to 1.5s, dealing 20/40/60/80 + 35% + 2.5% of Vladimir's max Health of Magic Damage to nearby enemies. Charging can additionally increase damage by up to 100%. After charging for 1s, becomes slowed by 20% and also slows any enemies hit by 40/45/50/55%.


Hemoplague ability icon

Infects an area with a toxic plague that infects enemies hit for 4s. The plague then explodes, dealing 150/250/350 + 70% of Magic Damage to infected targets. Also deals 10% of the damage taken by the targets during the infection period as bonus magic damage. After 0.4s, the first infected enemy champion restores 150/250/350 + 70% of Vladimir's Health, and each subsequent champion provides 40% healing.

Deadly and precise, Xayah is a vastayan revolutionary waging a personal war to save her people. She uses her speed, guile, and razor-sharp feather blades to cut down anyone who stands in her way. Xayah fights alongside her partner and lover, Rakan, to protect their dwindling tribe, and restore their race to her vision of its former glory.

Xayah's Abilities

Clean Cuts

Icon of the Clean Cuts ability

After using an ability, Xayah's next 3 attacks will hit all enemies along their path and drop Feathers she can recall. Xayah can store up to 5 Feathers at a time.

Lover's Leap – Xayah and Rakan can join each other's recall. Both will reach the Summoning Platform at the time of which the initiator's recall ends.

Double Daggers

Icon of the Double Daggers ability
10/9/8/7s 50

Throws two daggers dealing 50/75/100/125 + 50% bonus AD of Physical Damage each and leaving two Feathers. Targets hit after the first take 50% damage.

Deadly Plumage

Icon of the Deadly Plumage ability
19/18/17/16s 50

Creates a storm of blades for 4 seconds that grants 35/40/45/50% Attack Speed and causes attacks to deal 20% more damage. If Deadly Plumage strikes an enemy champion, gain 25/30/35/40% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds. If Rakan is nearby he will also gain the effects of this skill.


Icon of the Bladecaller ability
11/10/9/8s 40

Calls back all Feathers, dealing 60/70/80/90 + 80% bonus AD of Physical Damage to enemies they pass through. Hitting an enemy with 3 Feathers roots them for 1.25 seconds. Minions take 50% damage from Bladecaller.


Icon of the Featherstorm ability
80/70/60s 100

Leaps into the air, becoming Untargetable and throwing out a fan of daggers which deal 125/250/375 + 100% bonus AD of Physical Damage and leave behind a line of Feathers. Xayah can move while in the air.

Warwick is a monster who hunts the gray alleys of Zaun. Transformed by agonizing experiments, his body is fused with an intricate system of chambers and pumps, machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage. Bursting out of the shadows, he preys upon those criminals who terrorize the city's depths. Warwick is drawn to blood, and driven mad by its scent. None who spill it can escape him.

Warwick Abilities

Eternal Hunger

Icon of the Eternal Hunger ability

Attacks deal an additional 12 - 46 + 15% bonus AD + 10% of Magic Damage on hit. When Warwick's health is below 50%, he heals for 100% of the damage dealt.

Jaws of the Beast

Icon of the Jaws of the Beast ability
6s 40/45/50/55

Warwick lunges forward and bites the target enemy, dealing 120% + 100% of Magic Damage + 6/7/8/9% of the target's max health and healing for 37.5/50/62.5/75% of damage dealt.

Hold: Warwick also clamps on the target, leaping behind them and following their movement.

Applies On-Hit Effects. The bonus damage is capped at 100/125/150/175 against monsters.

Deals 50% bonus damage to minions and refunds 50% of the cooldown when killing a minion.

Blood Hunt

Icon of the Blood Hunt ability
80/70/60/50s 70

Passive: Warwick marks enemy champions below 50% health, gaining 40/45/50/55% Movement Speed towards them and 60/70/80/90% Attack Speed against them. These bonuses are enhanced to 150% of their value against targets below 35% health.

Active: Briefly senses all enemies and marks the closest champion for 8 seconds. Can not be used while in combat with champions. Warwick can only passively sense enemies who were brought below 50% Health by allies.

Primal Howl

Icon of the Primal Howl ability
14/13/12/11s 40

Warwick gains 35/40/45/50% damage reduction for 2.5 seconds. After it ends, Warwick howls, fearing nearby enemies and causing them to flee from him for 1 second(s), during which they are slowed by 90%.

Recast: End the ability early (ending early does not cancel the damage reduction prematurely).

Infinite Duress

Icon of the Infinite Duress ability
75/65/55s 100

Warwick leaps a huge distance that scales with his Move Speed, Suppressing the first champion he collides with while he channels for 1.5 seconds. He attacks that champion 3 times over the duration, applying On-Hit effects and dealing 175/350/525 + 167% bonus AD of Magic Damage. Warwick restores 100% of all damage dealt during the channel as Health.

Utterly ruthless and without mercy, Zed is the leader of the Order of Shadow, an organization he created with the intent of militarizing Ionia's magical and martial traditions to drive out Noxian invaders. During the war, desperation led him to unlock the secret shadow form—a malevolent spirit magic as dangerous and corrupting as it is powerful. Zed has mastered all of these forbidden techniques to destroy anything he sees as a threat to his nation, or his new order.

Zed's Abilities

Contempt for the Weak

Icon of the ability Contempt for the Weak

Zed's attacks against enemies with Health below 50% deal additional Magic Damage equal to 7% - 11% of the targets' maximum Health (Cooldown of 10s for each enemy).

Razor Shuriken

Icon of the ability Razor Shuriken
6s 70/65/60/55

Zed and his shadows throw their shurikens, each dealing 70/120/170/220 + 100% bonus AD of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit and 42/72/102/132 + 60% bonus AD of Physical Damage to other enemies in their path.

Living Shadow

Icon of the ability Living Shadow
17/16/15/14s 35/30/25/20

Passive: Zed gains 35/40/45/50 Energy whenever an ability hits the same enemy twice. Energy can only be gained once per cast ability.

Active: Zed's shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for 4.5s. Reactivating Living Shadow will cause Zed to swap positions with his shadow.

Shadow Slash

Icon of the ability Shadow Slash
5/4,5/4/3,5s 50

Zed and his shadows slash, each dealing 70/100/130/160 + 70% bonus AD of Physical Damage and 25/30/35/40% Slow to nearby enemies for 1.5s. Slashes beyond the first striking the same enemy deal 60% damage and increase the Slow by 50%.

Each enemy champion hit by Zed's slash reduces Living Shadow's cooldown by 2s. Deals 60% damage to monsters.

Death Mark

Icon of the ability Death Mark

Zed becomes Untargetable and dashes to target enemy champion, marking them. After 2,8s, the mark triggers, dealing Physical Damage equal to 100% plus 25/40/55% of all damage dealt to the target by Zed while the mark was active.

The dash leaves a shadow behind for 6s. Zed can reactivate Death Mark to switch positions with this shadow.

Xin Zhao is a resolute warrior loyal to the ruling Lightshield dynasty. Once condemned to the fighting pits of Noxus, he survived countless gladiatorial bouts, but after being freed by Demacian forces, he swore his life and allegiance to these brave liberators. Armed with his favored three-talon spear, Xin Zhao now fights for his adopted kingdom, audaciously challenging any foe, no matter the odds.

Xin Zhao Abilities


Determination ability icon

Every third attack deals an additional 22% - 50% of Physical Damage and heals for 13 - 60 + 10% + 40%.

Three Talon Strike

Three Talon Strike ability icon
9/8/7/6s 30

Empowers the next three attacks to deal an additional 20/28/36/44 + 40% bonus AD of Physical Damage and reduce the cooldown of other abilities by 1 second. The third attack knocks the target up for 0.75 seconds.

Wind Becomes Lightning

Wind Becomes Lightning ability icon
12/10,5/9/7,5s 45

Slashes his spear, dealing 50/60/70/80 + 40% of Physical Damage and slowing by 50% for 1.5 seconds. Xin Zhao then thrusts his spear, dealing 40/85/130/175 + 70% of Physical Damage and slowing by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

The furthest enemy champion hit is Challenged for 3 seconds, increasing Audacious Charge's cast range at them.

Attack Speed reduces cast time. Deals 50% damage to minions.

Audacious Charge

Audacious Charge ability icon
11s 50

Xin Zhao dashes to an enemy, dealing 50/85/120/155 + 80% of Magic Damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them by 30% for 0.5 seconds. Xin Zhao gains 40/45/50/55% Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

This ability's cast range is increased against a Challenged target.

Crescent Guard

Crescent Guard ability icon
80/70/60s 100

Passive: The last champion hit by an attack or Audacious Charge is now Challenged.

Active: Xin Zhao sweeps his spear, dealing Physical Damage equal to 75/150/225 + 100% bonus AD + 80% + 15% of enemies' maximum Health and knocking them back except the Challenged one. For the next 5 seconds, Xin Zhao blocks damage from enemies far away. Deals a maximum of 600 damage against monsters.

In life, he was Yone—half-brother of Yasuo, and renowned student of his village's sword school. But upon his death at the hands of his brother, he found himself hunted by a malevolent entity of the spirit realm, and was forced to slay it with its own sword. Now, cursed to wear its demonic mask upon his face, Yone tirelessly hunts all such creatures in order to understand what he has become.

Yone's Abilities

Way of the Hunter

Way of the Hunter ability icon

Steel and Spirit: every other attack deals 50% magic damage, 50% physical damage.

Intent: Yone's Critical Rate is doubled, but his Critical Strikes deal 20% less damage.

Yone converts the Critical Rate above 100% into Attack Damage, at a ratio of 0.4 Attack Damage for every 1% Critical Rate.

Mortal Steel

Mortal Steel ability icon

Thrusts forward, dealing 83 physical damage (25/50/75/100 + 100% ). Grants a stack of Gathering Storm if the thrust damages an enemy. At 2 stacks, Mortal Steel dashes Yone forward and launches a whirlwind that knocks enemies Airborne.

Mortal Steel is treated as an attack: it can Critically Strike for bonus damage and applies on-hit effects to all units hit. Cooldown and cast time are reduced by Attack Speed.

Spirit Cleave

Spirit Cleave ability icon

Cleaves in a cone, dealing 10/20/30/40 plus 12/13/14/15% of the target's maximum Health as physical and magic damage. Gains a shield that absorbs 30 damage (30 + 70% bonus ) for 1.5 seconds if Spirit Cleave hits an enemy, increased by 100% on hitting a champion and 40% on subsequent champion hits.

Deals 60~200 () minimum damage against minions. Deals 30~280 () maximum damage against monsters.

Soul Unbound

Soul Unbound ability icon

Dashes forward, entering Spirit Form and leaving his body behind for 5 seconds. During Spirit Form, Yone gains 10% Movement Speed that increases over the duration and marks champions damaged with his attacks or abilities. When Soul Unbound ends, Yone returns to his body and marked enemies take 24/28/32/36% of the damage Yone dealt to them as true damage.

Re-cast: End Soul Unbound early.

Fate Sealed

Fate Sealed ability icon

Strikes all enemies along a path for 244 (200/350/500 + 80% ) physical and magical damage, teleporting behind the last champion hit and knocking them towards Yone.

A Bilgewater captain famed for her looks but feared for her ruthlessness, Sarah Fortune paints a stark figure among the hardened criminals of the port city. As a child, she witnessed the reaver king Gangplank murder her family—an act she brutally avenged years later, blowing up his flagship while he was still aboard. Those who underestimate her will face a beguiling and unpredictable opponent… and, likely, a bullet or two in their guts.

Miss Fortune Abilities

Love Tap

Love Tap ability icon

When attacking a new enemy, deal 49% – 105% additional Physical Damage. Deals 50% damage to minions and monsters.

Double Up

Double Up ability icon
6/5/4/3s 50/55/60/65

Fires a shot that ricochets behind the first enemy hit, dealing 30/60/90/120 + 110% + 35% Physical Damage. The second hit will Critically Strike for 130/140/150/160% damage. On-hits are applied to both targets.


Strut ability icon
12s 30

Passive: After 4 seconds of not taking damage, gain 25 Movement Speed. After another 3 seconds, this bonus increases to 80/85/90/95.

Active: Fully activates Strut's Movement Speed and grants 45/60/75/90% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Love Taps reduce the cooldown of Strut by 2 seconds.

Make It Rain

Make It Rain ability icon
16/14/12/10s 80

Rains down bullets on an area for 2 seconds, dealing 10/16/22/28 + 10/12/14/16% Magic Damage every quarter second and slowing enemies by 30/40/50/60%.

Bullet Time

Bullet Time ability icon
70/65/60s 100

Channels a 3 second barrage of bullets, with 12/14/16 waves that each deal 75% + 30% Physical Damage. Each wave can Crit for 120% damage.

Re-activate: Cancel the barrage.

An Ionian of deep resolve, Yasuo is an agile swordsman who wields the air itself against his enemies. As a proud young man, he was falsely accused of murdering his master—unable to prove his innocence, he was forced to slay his own brother in self defense. Even after his master's true killer was revealed, Yasuo still could not forgive himself for all he had done, and now wanders his homeland with only the wind to guide his blade.

Yasuo's Abilities

Way of the Wanderer

Icon of the Way of the Wanderer ability

Resolve: Moving builds Flow. At max Flow, damage from a champion or monster grants a Shield that absorbs 100 – 485 damage and lasts 1.5s.

Intent: Yasuo's Critical Strike Chance is doubled, but his Critical Strikes deal 180% less damage.

Steel Tempest

Icon of the Steel Tempest ability

Thrusts forward, dealing 20/55/90/125 + 100% of Physical Damage. Grants a stack of Gathering Storm if the thrust damages an enemy. At 2 stacks, Steel Tempest launches a whirlwind that knocks enemies Airborne.

Steel Tempest is treated as an attack: it can Critically Strike for 180% bonus damage and applies on-hit effects on the first unit hit. Cooldown and cast time are reduced by Attack Speed.

Wind Wall

Icon of the Wind Wall ability

Creates a 300/400/500/600 unit wall that blocks all enemy projectiles for 4s.

Sweeping Blade

Icon of the Sweeping Blade ability

Dashes through target enemy, dealing 70/80/90/100 + 20% bonus + 60% of Magic Damage. Each cast increases the next dash's base damage by 25%, up to +50%. Cannot be re-cast on the same enemy for 8/7/6/5s.

If Steel Tempest is tapped during this dash, it will strike as a circle.

Last Breath

Icon of the Last Breath ability

Blinks to an Airborne enemy champion, dealing 250/350/550 + 150% bonus of Physical Damage and holding all Airborne enemies in the area in the air for an additional 1.25s. Grants maximum Flow but resets all stacks of Gathering Storm. For the next 15s, Critical Strikes gain 30% Armor Penetration.

Samira stares death in the eye with unyielding confidence, seeking thrill wherever she goes. After her Shuriman home was destroyed as a child, Samira found her true calling in Noxus, where she built a reputation as a stylish daredevil taking on dangerous missions of the highest caliber. Wielding black-powder pistols and a custom-engineered blade, Samira thrives in life-or-death circumstances, eliminating any who stand in her way with flash and flair.

Samira's Abilities

Daredevil Impulse

Daredevil Impulse ability icon

Samira builds a combo by dealing damage with attacks or abilities against enemy champions unique from the previous one. Each one increases her Style from E to S grade 6 (total). Samira  gains 3.5% Movement Speed per grade.

Samira's attacks and abilities in melee range deal an additional 6 + 3.5% of Magic Damage, increased to up to 12 + 7% based on the target's missing health. When attacking enemies affected by Immobilizing effects, Samira will dash to her attack range. If the enemy is Knocked Up, she also keeps them Knocked Up for at least 0.5s.


Flair ability icon
6.5/5/3.5/2s 30

Samira fires a shot, dealing 15/20/25/30 + 90/105/120/135% of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. If this ability is cast towards an enemy in melee range, Samira will instead slash with her blade in a cone instead, dealing the same damage to all enemies within. Both forms can critically strike for 25% bonus damage. If cast during Wild Rush, the ability will cause Samira to strike all enemies in her path upon completion.

Blade Whirl

Blade Whirl ability icon
26/23.5/21/18.5s 60

Samira slashes around her for 0.75s, damaging enemies twice for 20/40/60/80 + 80% bonus each and destroying any enemy missiles that enter the area.

Wild Rush

Wild Rush ability icon
20/17/14/11s 40

Samira dashes through an enemy (including structures), slashing enemies she passes through dealing 45/60/75/90 + 20% bonus of Magic Damage and gaining 25/30/35/40% Attack Speed for 3s. If Samira scores a takedown, Wild Rush's cooldown is reset. Tapping this ability mid-dash will cast Flair.

Inferno Trigger

Inferno Trigger ability icon
8s 60/30/0

Samira can only use this ability if her current Style rating is S.

She unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, reducing her Movement Speed by 40% and shooting up to 5 enemies around 10 times over 2.23 seconds. Each shot deals 5/15/25 + 55% of Physical Damage and can also critically strike. Deals 25% damage to minions.

Born in Piltover to Zaunite parents, Seraphine can hear the souls of others—the world sings to her, and she sings back. Though these sounds overwhelmed her in her youth, she now draws on them for inspiration, turning the chaos into a symphony. She performs for the sister cities to remind their citizens that they're not alone, that they're stronger together, and that, in her eyes, their potential is limitless.

Seraphine's Abilities

Stage Presence

Stage Presence ability icon

Echo: Every third basic ability cast will echo, casting it again.

Harmony: Casting an ability grants a Note to nearby allies for 5s. For each Note, Seraphine's next attack gains 0.3 Attack Range and deals an additional 4 - 25 + 4% of Magic Damage.

High Note

High Note ability icon
11/9/7/5s 60/65/70/75

Deals 60/75/90/105 + 40% of Magic Damage in target area, increased by 0% to 50% with the enemies' missing Health. Reaches maximum damage when the target is below 25% Health.

Surround Sound

Surround Sound ability icon
23/20/17/14s 40/60/80/100

Shields all nearby ally champions for 60/80/100/120 + 40% damage for 2.5s and grant them 20% Movement Speed for 2.5s.

If Seraphine is already shielded, nearby allies are healed for 6.5% + 1% of their missing Health, increased by 50% for each ally.

Beat Drop

Beat Drop ability icon
12/11/10/9s 60/70/80/90

Deals 60/95/130/165 + 40% of Magic Damage to enemies and slows them by 99% for 1s. If the enemy is already slowed, they are rooted instead. If they are rooted, they are stunned.


Encore ability icon
105/90/75s 100

Deals 160/260/360 + 70% of Magic Damage to enemies and charms and slows them by 40% for 1/1.25/1.5s. Spell extends when it touches an ally or enemy champion.

Cursed from childhood to be haunted by the supernatural Black Mist, Senna joined a sacred order known as the Sentinels of Light, and fiercely fought back—only to be killed, her soul imprisoned in a lantern by the cruel wraith Thresh. But refusing to lose hope, within the lantern Senna learned to use the Mist, and reemerged to new life, forever changed. Now wielding darkness along with light, Senna seeks to end the Black Mist by turning it against itself—with every blast of her relic weapon, redeeming the souls lost within.

Senna's Abilities


Absolution ability icon

Senna can absorb Mist by attacking souls that spawn from dead enemies. She can also siphon Mist from enemy champions she hits twice within 4 seconds, dealing 1.2-12% of their current health as bonus physical damage (6 second cooldown per target). Each stack of Mist grants 1 Attack Damage. Every 20 stacks of Mist grant 15 Attack Range and 15% Critical Strike Chance. 35% of excess Critical Strike Chance is converted to physical vamp.

Relic Cannon: Attacks take extra time to fire, dealing 11 + 20% bonus AD of bonus physical damage and briefly grant Senna 15 to 20% of the target's Movement Speed for a short period. Senna does not gain Attack Damage on level up. Her Critical Strikes deal 25% less damage.

Piercing Darkness

Piercing Darkness ability icon
15s 70/80/90/100

Shoots a bolt of piercing shadow through any object, dealing 50/90/130/170 + 50% bonus AD of Physical Damage to enemies, slowing them by (15% + 10% bonus AD + 6%) for 0.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds and restoring health equivalent to 40/70/100/130 + 40% bonus AD + 25% to ally champions.

Attacks reduce Piercing Darkness's cooldown by 1 second. This ability's cast range matches Senna's attack range and its cast time is improved with Attack Speed. It applies on-hit effects to enemy champions.

Last Embrace

Last Embrace ability icon
11s 55/60/65/70

Sends forth a wave of Black Mist, dealing 90/155/220/285 + 70% bonus AD of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. After a 1 second delay, the target and other nearby enemies are Rooted for 1.3/1.6/1.9/2.2 seconds.

Curse of the Black Mist

Curse of the Black Mist ability icon
22/20/18/16s 70

Dissolves into a cloud mist for 6/6.5/7/7.5 seconds, becoming a Wrath. Allied champions who enter the mist are Camouflaged and become Wraiths when they leave. Wraiths gain 20% Movement Speed, are Unselectable, and hide their identities as long as no enemy champions are nearby.

Camouflaged: These units are hidden from view. They are revealed by nearby enemy champions turrets, and True Sight.

Dawning Shadow

Dawning Shadow ability icon
85/80/75s 100

Fires a global wave that shields allies from 120/160/200 + 40% +4 per Mist damage for 3 seconds, while dealing 250/375/500 + 100% bonus AD + 50% Physical Damage and applies Mist to enemies caught in the center.

The yordle pilot Corki loves two things above all others: flying, and his glamorous mustache... though not necessarily in that order. After leaving Bandle City, he settled in Piltover and fell in love with the wondrous machines he found there. He dedicated himself to the development of flying contraptions, leading an aerial defense force of seasoned veterans known as the Screaming Yipsnakes. Calm under fire, Corki patrols the skies around his adopted home, and has never encountered a problem that a good missile barrage couldn't solve.

Corki's Abilities

Hextech Munitions

Hextech Munitions ability icon

Hextech Shrapnel: Corki's attacks deal 20% of AD as Physical Damage and 80% of AD as Magic Damage

The Package: After 4min, The Package is delivered to Corki's base. Upon picking it up, Corki can cast Special Delivery, which grants the champion 35% Movement Speed out of combat for 45s. A new Package arrives every 150s.

Phosphorous Bomb

Phosphorous Bomb ability icon
7s 70/80/90/100

Corki fires a bomb that deals 75/135/195/255 + 70% of bonus AD + 50% of Magic Damage and grants vision of the area.


Valkyrie ability icon
19/18/17/16s 100

Corki dashes forward, leaving a flaming zone that deals 60/100/140/180 + 40% of Magic Damage per second for 3 seconds.

Special Delivery: Enemies are knocked aside, and the flaming zone deals 27 - 125 + 150% of bonus AD + 20% of Magic Damage per second for 5 seconds and slows enemies by 90%.

Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun ability icon
14s 50

Corki fires his gatling gun for 4 seconds, dealing 32/48/64/80 + 60% of bonus AD of Magic Damage per second and shredding up to 10/15/20/25 Magic Resistance for 2 seconds. Fires towards Corki's current target.

Missile Barrage

Missile Barrage ability icon
2s (recharges in 10/9/8s) 20

Corki fires a missile, dealing 80/115/150 + 25/45/65% + 20% of AP of Magic Damage.

The Big One: Every third missile fired deals 160/230/300 + 50/90/130% + 40% of Magic Damage and has increased range and blast radius. Maximum 6 charges.

There is no greater symbol of Noxian might than Darius, the nation's most feared and battle-hardened commander. Rising from humble origins to become the Hand of Noxus, he cleaves through the empire's enemies—many of them Noxians themselves. Knowing that he never doubts his cause is just, and never hesitates once his axe is raised, those who stand against the leader of the Trifarian Legion can expect no mercy.

Darius Abilities


Hemorrhage ability icon

Attacks cause enemies to bleed, dealing 15 + 30% bonus AD Physical Damage over 5s. This effect can stack up to 5 times. Upon reaching full stacks, Darius gains Noxian Might for 5s, gaining 22 – 226 Attack Damage and applying full stacks of Hemorrhage instead of 1. Deals 150% damage to monsters.


Decimate ability icon
9.5/8/6.5/5s 35/40/45/50

Swings his axe after a delay, dealing 14/28/42/56 + 35/40/45/50% Physical Damage.

Hitting enemies with the blade of the axe deals 40/80/120/160 + 100/115/130/145% Physical Damage, heals Darius for 12% of his missing Health for each champion hit (max 36%) and applies Hemorrhage.

Crippling Strike

Crippling Strike ability icon
5.5s 30/30/30/30

Empowers his next attack for 8s to deal an additional 30/40/50/60% Physical Damage and 90% Slow for 1s.


Apprehend ability icon
18/16/14/12s 45

Passive: gains 15/22/29/36% Armor Penetration.

Active: pulls in enemies in front of him, slowing them by 40% for 1.5s.

Noxian Guillotine

Noxian Guillotine ability icon
70/65/60s 100/100/0

Leaps to execute a champion, dealing 100/200/300 + 75% bonus AD True Damage increased by 20% per Hemorrhage stack, and applies Hemorrhage.

Killing the target with Noxian Guillotine refreshes its cooldown, grants Noxian Might for 5s and causes nearby minions and monsters to flee for 1.5s.

Luxanna Crownguard hails from Demacia, an insular realm where magical abilities are viewed with fear and suspicion. Able to bend light to her will, she grew up dreading discovery and exile, and was forced to keep her power secret, in order to preserve her family's noble status. Nonetheless, Lux's optimism and resilience have led her to embrace her unique talents, and she now covertly wields them in service of her homeland.

Lux's Abilities


Icon of the Illumination ability

Her offensive abilities afflict enemies with Illumination for 5s. Illumination empowers Lux's next attack or ability against the target, dealing an additional 32 + 25% Magic Damage.

Light Binding

Icon of the Light Binding ability
9s 45/50/55/60

Casts a sphere of light that roots enemy Champions, large monsters or epic monsters for 2s and deals 70/130/190/250 + 70% Magic Damage. Roots up to 2 enemies. Minions and small monsters hit by the sphere of light will suffer 30% damage, but will not receive Illumination marks nor will they be rooted.

Prismatic Barrier

Icon of the Prismatic Barrier ability
12/11/10/9s 60

Throws Lux's wand in a direction, shielding allied champions it passes through from 30/55/80/105 + 10% damage for 3s.

After reaching its apex, the wand returns to Lux, shielding allied champions for an additional 48/88/128/168 + 24% damage.

Lucent Singularity

Icon of the Lucent Singularity ability
9.5/9/8.5/8s 70/80/90/100

Creates a zone of light that lasts 5s. The zone will detonate immediately if there are enemies within it, dealing 60/130/195/260 + 55% Magic Damage and 30/35/40/45% Slow for 2s.

Final Spark

Icon of the Final Spark ability
55/45/40s 100

Fires a beam of light, dealing 300/400/500 + 75% Magic Damage to all enemies in a line.

A leader of Ionia's growing criminal underworld, Sett rose to prominence in the wake of the war with Noxus. Though he began as a humble challenger in the fighting pits of Navori, he quickly gained notoriety for his savage strength, and his ability to take seemingly endless amounts of punishment. Now, having climbed through the ranks of local combatants, Sett has muscled to the top, reigning over the pits he once fought in.

Sett's Abilities

Pit Grit

Pit Grit ability icon

Sett's Attacks alternate between left and right punches. Right punches follow the left quickly and deal an additional 7 – 105 + 50% bonus AD of Physical Damage.

Sett gains 0.25 – 2 Health Regeneration for each 5% missing Health.

Sett will reset back to a left punch if he does not do a right punch within 2s of doing a left punch. The Attack Speed of a right punch is 8 times that of a left punch.

Knuckle Down

Knuckle Down ability icon

Sett itches for a fight, gaining 30% Movement Speed towards enemy champions for 1,5s.

Additionally empowers the next two attacks to deal an additional 5/20/35/50 + [1 + 1/1,5/2/2,5%]% max health physical damage. The additional damage is capped at 100 against monsters.


Haymaker ability icon

Passive: Stores 100% of damage taken as Grit, up to 50% of Max Health. Grit decays quickly 4s after the damage was taken.

Active: Consumes all Grits, gaining a Shield equal to 100% of the Grit consumed, decaying over 3s. Sett then delivers a massive punch, dealing 80/105/130/155 + [25 + 25% bonus AD]% of the Grit consumed as True Damage to enemies in the center. Enemies not in the center instead take Physical Damage.


Facebreaker ability icon

Smashes enemies on either side into each other, dealing 50/75/100/125 + 60% of Physical Damage and 50% Slow for 0,5s. If Sett grabbed at least one enemy on each side, all enemies are stunned for 1s.

The Show Stopper

The Show Stopper ability icon
70/65/60s 100

Grabs an enemy champion and suppresses them as he carries them forward, then slams them into the ground, dealing 200/300/400 + 100% bonus AD plus 40/50/60% bonus Health physical damage to surrounding enemies and Slowing them by 99% for 1s. Enemies take less damage the further they are from where Sett lands.

Bearing her crescent moonblade, Diana fights as a warrior of the Lunari—a faith all but quashed in the lands around Mount Targon. Clad in shimmering armor the color of winter snow at night, she is a living embodiment of the silver moon's power. Imbued with the essence of an Aspect from beyond Targon's towering summit, Diana is no longer wholly human, and struggles to understand her power and purpose in this world.

Diana's Abilities

Moonsilver Blade

Moonsilver Blade ability icon

Using an ability causes Diana's next 3 attacks to gain 30% - 100% Attack Speed for 4s. Every third attack deals 30 - 240 + 50% Magic Damage in an area. Deals 50% damage to structures and 110% damage to monsters.

Crescent Strike

Crescent Strike ability icon
9/8/7/6s 55/65/75/85

Unleashes an arcing bolt of energy that deals 60/105/150/195 + 70% Magic Damage and applies Moonlight for 3s.

Pale Cascade

Pale Cascade ability icon
13/11,5/10/8,5s 70

Creates 3 spheres that orbit Diana for 5s. These spheres detonate upon contact with enemies, dealing 25/40/55/70 + 20% Magic Damage.

Also grants a Shield that absorbs 40/60/80/100 + 40% damage. If the third sphere detonates, the shield is increased by 40/60/80/100 + 40%.

Lunar Rush

Lunar Rush ability icon
18/16/14/12s 20

Dashes to a point near an enemy, dealing 40/75/110/145 + 25% Magic Damage and removing Moonlight in an area. Lunar Rush's Cooldown is reduced to 0.5s if it removes Moonlight from an enemy.


Moonfall ability icon
70/65/60s 100

Hold: Summon the moon, slowing enemies by 20% and applying Moonlight in a growing area.

Cast: Slams the moon down, spiraling enemies toward Diana and dealing 150/200/250 + 40% to 300/400/500 + 80% Magic Damage (scaling with charge time).

One of the ancient darkin, Varus was a deadly killer who loved to torment his foes, driving them almost to insanity before delivering the killing arrow. He was imprisoned at the end of the Great Darkin War, but escaped centuries later in the remade flesh of two Ionian hunters—they had unwittingly released him, cursed to bear the bow containing his bound essence. Varus now seeks out those who trapped him, in order to enact his brutal vengeance, but the mortal souls within still resist him every step of the way.

Varus Abilities

Living Vengeance

Living Vengeance ability icon

Gains 60% Attack Speed for 5 seconds on a champion kill or assist, 30% on non-champion kills.

Piercing Arrow

Piercing Arrow ability icon
15/14/13/12s 75/80/85/90

Hold: Draws the bow, gradually increasing the range and damage for the next shot. Movement Speed is slowed by 20% while preparing to shoot.

Release: Fires the arrow, dealing 10/60/110/160 + 110% to 15/90/165/240 + 165% physical damage. This damage is reduced by 15% for each enemy hit (minimum 33%).

Piercing Arrow's cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds if the arrow detonates Blight stacks on at least one enemy champion. Piercing Arrow fails if not released after 4 seconds, but will refund 50% of its Mana cost.

Blighted Quiver

Blighted Quiver ability icon

Passive: Attacks deal 12/16/20/24 + 20% bonus magic damage and apply Blight for 6 seconds (stacks 3 times). Varus's other abilities detonate Blight, dealing magic damage equal to 4/4.5/5/5.5% + 1% of the target's max Health per stack.

Active: Doubles the bonus on hit damage from Blighted Quiver's passive for 6 seconds. The next Piercing Arrow deals bonus magic damage equal to 8% - 15% of the target's missing Health, increase by 0% - 100% (based on Piercing Arrow's channel time).

Hail of Arrows

Hail of Arrows ability icon
13/12/11/10s 80

Fires a hail of arrows that deals 70/115/160/205 + 90% bonus physical damage and desecrates the ground for 4 seconds. Desecrated ground slows enemies by 25% and applies 40% Grievous Wounds. Grievous Wounds reduces the effectiveness of Healing and Regeneration effects.

Chain of Corruption

Chain of Corruption ability icon
65/55/45s 100

Flings out a tendril of corruption that deals 150/250/350 + 80% magic damage and roots the first enemy champion hit for 2 seconds.

The corruption then spreads toward nearby enemy champions, also immobilizing them on contact. Immobilized units gain 3 Blight stacks over the next 3 seconds.

Fueled by unbridled fury and rage, Tryndamere once carved his way through the Freljord, openly challenging the greatest warriors of the north to prepare himself for even darker days ahead. The wrathful barbarian has long sought revenge for the annihilation of his clan, though more recently he has found companionship with Ashe, the Avarosan warmother, and a home with her people. His almost inhuman strength and fortitude is legendary, and has delivered him and his new allies countless victories against the greatest of odds.

Tryndamere Abilities

Battle Fury

Battle Fury ability icon

Gains 0.32% Critical Rate for each point of Fury.

Attacking a champion grants 55/60/65/70% Attack Speed for 5s (6s cooldown; scales with Undying Rage ability rank).

Gains 5 Fury with every attack, 10 Fury from Critical Strikes and 15 Fury from kills.

Loses 5 Fury per second after Tryndamere has been out of combat for 8s.

Tryndamere converts Critical Rate above 100% into Attack Damage, at a ratio of 0.8 Attack Damage for each 1% Critical Rate.


Bloodlust ability icon

Passive: Gains 5/10/15/20 Attack Damage plus an additional 0.25/0.3/0.35/0.4 Attack Damage per 1% of missing Health.

Active: Consumes all Fury to heal for 55/65/75/85 + 30%, increased by 1/1.6/2.2/2.8 + 1.2% for each point of Fury consumed.

Mocking Shout

Mocking Shout ability icon

Reduces nearby enemy champions' Attack Speed by 25/30/35/40% for 3s. If target is moving away from Tryndamere, slow them by 35%.

Spinning Slash

Spinning Slash ability icon

Dashes, dealing 80/120/160/200 + 130% bonus AD + 100% Physical Damage.

Critical Strikes against minions reduce the cooldown of Spinning Slash by 1s. This effect is doubled against champions. Gains 2 Fury for each enemy hit.

Undying Rage

Undying Rage ability icon

Passive: Increases Battle Fury's bonus Attack Speed to 50/55/60%.

Active: Becomes unkillable for 5s and gains 50/75/100 Fury. Can be cast while crowd controlled.

A massive creature of living stone, Malphite struggles to impose blessed order on a chaotic world. Birthed as a servitor-shard to an otherworldly obelisk known as the Monolith, he used his tremendous elemental strength to maintain and protect his progenitor, but ultimately failed. The only survivor of the destruction that followed, Malphite now endures Runeterra's soft folk and their fluid temperaments, while struggling to find a new role worthy of the last of his kind.

Malphite's Abilities

Granite Shield

Granite Shield ability icon

Protects himself and receives a Shield of 9% of Maximum Health after staying 8s - 6s without taking damage.

Seismic Shard

Seismic Shard ability icon
8s 75/80/85/90

Launches a shard that deals 70/130/190/250 + 50% of Magic Damage, slowing the target by 15/20/25/30% and accelerating Malphite by 15% for 3s.


Thunderclap ability icon
10/9/8/7s 25

Passive: gains 15/20/25/30% additional Armor.

Active: for the next 6s, his attacks will deal 10/20/30/40 + 20% +10% of Armor of Physical Damage in a conical area.

The first attack is strengthened, dealing 30/60/90/120 + 40% +20% of Armor of Physical Damage additional to the target.

Ground Slam

Ground Slam ability icon
7s 55/60/65/70

Slams the ground, dealing 50/100/150/200 + 50% +35% of Armor of Magic Damage to nearby enemies and reducing their Attack Speed by 30/35/40/45% for 3s.

Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force ability icon
75/70/65s 100

Charges to the target area, dealing 200/300/400 + 90% of Magic Damage and knocking up nearby enemies for 1.5s.

A former doll transformed and brought to life by magic, Gwen wields the very tools that once created her. She carries the weight of her maker's love with every step, taking nothing for granted. At her command is the Hallowed Mist, an ancient and protective magic that has blessed Gwen's scissors, needles, and sewing thread. So much is new to her, but Gwen remains joyfully determined to fight for the good that survives in a broken world.

Gwen's Abilities

A Thousand Cuts

Icon of the ability A Thousand Cuts

Gwen's attacks deal an additional 1% + 0.5% Magic Damage based on the target's maximum health. Gwen heals for 70% of the damage this ability deals to champions, up to a maximum of 12 - 30 + 7%. The ability deals a maximum of 2 + 3% Magic Damage against monsters.

Snip Snip!

Icon of the ability Snip Snip!
6.5/5.5/4.5/3.5s 40

Passive: Gwen gains 1 stack per attack hit (max 4, lasts 6 seconds).

Active: Gwen snips her scissors twice, snipping an extra time for each stack consumed. Each snip deals 12/16/20/24 + 5% Magic Damage. The final snip deals 60/80/100/120 + 25% Magic Damage. The center of each snip deals True Damage and applies A Thousand Cuts.

Deals 80% damage to monsters.

Hallowed Mist

Icon of the ability Hallowed Mist
17/16/15/14s 60

Gwen summons the Hallowed Mist for 4 seconds, making her Untargetable to enemies outside the zone while she is inside. Gwen gains 14/16/18/20 + 2% Armor and Magic Resistance while she remains there. The mist moves to follow Gwen the first time she tries to leave.

Skip'n Slash

Icon of the ability Skip'n Slash
13/12/10/9s 35

Gwen dashes and enhances her attacks for 4 seconds. Enhanced attacks gain 20/40/60/80% Attack Speed, 10 + 15% Magic Damage on-hit and 100 additional range. The first enhanced attack to hit a champion or minion refunds 50% of this ability's cooldown.


Icon of the ability Needlework
75/65/55s 100

First Cast: Gwen hurls a needle that deals 30/45/60 + 8% Magic Damage, slows enemies by 30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds, and applies A Thousand Cuts to all enemies hit. Needlework can be cast 2 additional times.

Second Cast: Gwen fires 3 needles, dealing a total of 90/135/180 + 24% Magic Damage.

Third Cast: Gwen fires 5 needles, dealing a total of 150/225/300 + 40% Magic Damage.

A magical cat from Bandle City, Yuumi was once the familiar of a yordle enchantress, Norra. When her master mysteriously disappeared, Yuumi became the Keeper of Norra's sentient Book of Thresholds, traveling through portals in its pages to search for her. Yearning for affection, Yuumi seeks friendly companions to partner with on her journey, protecting them with luminous shields and fierce resolve. While Book strives to keep her on task, Yuumi is often drawn to worldly comforts, such as naps and fish. In the end, however, she always returns to her quest to find her friend.

Yuumi's Abilities

Bop 'N' Block

Bop 'N' Block ability icon

Yuumi's attacks against champions grant her a 60 - 410 + 25% Shield. (18s - 9s Cooldown). Yuumi passes on received Shield and Haste effects to the Attached ally.

Prowling Projectile

Prowling Projectile ability icon
7/6.5/6/5.5/5s 60

Hold and drag: Fires a controllable projectile, dealing 60/100/140/180/220 + 25% Magic Damage to the first enemy hit. If Yuumi is Attached, the projectile is enhanced after 1 second, dealing 70/120/170/220/270 + 35% + 2/3/4/5/6% of the enemy's current health as Magic Damage and 20% Slow to Champions for 1 second. Deals up to 120 - 370 damage to monsters.

You and Me!

You and Me! ability icon

Passive: The Attached Champion receives 7.5/9/10.5/12 + 8/11/14/17% of the ally's additional AD OR 15/18/21/24 + 8/11/14/17% of the ally's additional AP of Adaptive Force. Yuumi also receives the same amount of Adaptive Force.

Active: Dashes to an ally Champion and Attaches to them. While Yuumi is Attached, she follows her partner's movement and becomes Untargetable, except by towers. Immobilizing effects on Yuumi put You and Me! on a 5 second Cooldown.


Zoomies ability icon
12/11/10/9s 80/90/100/110

Yuumi restores 20/30/40/50 + 10% Health and gains 15% + 5% Movement Speed and 30/35/40/45% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Her next 3 attacks and abilities heal her for 20/30/40/50 + 10% Health. If Yuumi is Attached, the ability affects the ally, not her.

Final Chapter

Final Chapter ability icon
75/65/55s 100

Channels for 3.5 seconds, launching 7 waves dealing 80/100/120 + 20% Magic Damage. All waves after the first deal 50% damage. Champions hit by 3 waves are Rooted for 1.75 seconds. Yuumi can move and cast You and Me! and Zoomies while channeling.

Singed is a Zaunite alchemist of unmatched intellect, who has devoted his life to pushing the boundaries of knowledge—with no price, even his own sanity, too high to pay. Is there a method to his madness? His concoctions rarely fail, but it appears to many that Singed has lost all sense of humanity, leaving a toxic trail of misery and terror in his wake.

Singed's Abilities

Noxious Slipstream

Noxious Slipstream ability icon

Draft off of nearby champions, gaining 20% bonus Movement Speed for 2s. Each champion has a 10s cooldown.

Poison Trail

Poison Trail ability icon
1s 12 per second

Toggle: Lay a poisonous trail that deals 20/30/40/50 + 35% Magic Damage per second.

Mega Adhesive

Mega Adhesive ability icon
13/12/11/10s 60/70/80/90

Tosses an adhesive that sticks to the ground for 3s. Enemies in the area are slowed by 35/40/45/50% and grounded, preventing the use of movement abilities.

Flinging an enemy into the zone briefly roots them.


Fling ability icon
10s 80/95/110/125

Flings an enemy over Singed's shoulder, dealing 65/80/95/110 + 75% plus 5/6/7/8% of the target's max Health. If the enemy lands in Mega Adhesive, they are rooted for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.

Insanity Potion

Insanity Potion ability icon
70/65/60s 100

Drink a potent brew of chemicals, granting 30/55/80 Ability Power, Armor, Magic Resist, and Movement Speed, plus 6/13/20 Health Regen and Mana Regen for 18s.

Nasus is an imposing, jackal-headed Ascended being from ancient Shurima, a heroic figure regarded as a demigod by the people of the desert. Fiercely intelligent, he was a guardian of knowledge and peerless strategist whose wisdom guided the ancient empire of Shurima to greatness for many centuries. After the fall of the empire, he went into self-imposed exile, becoming little more than a legend. Now that the ancient city of Shurima has risen once more, he has returned, determined to ensure it never falls again.

Nasus Abilities

Soul Eater

Soul Eater ability icon

Gains 12% - 24% Physical Vamp.

Siphoning Strike

Siphoning Strike ability icon
7/6/5/4s 20

Empowers next attack within 10 seconds to deal an additional 30/55/80/105 of Physical Damage. If Siphoning Strike kills the target, its damage is permanently increased by 4. Killing champions, large minions and large monsters increases Siphoning Strike's damage by 8 instead.


Wither ability icon
14/13/12/11s 80

Slows enemy Movement Speed by 35% and Attack Speed by 22.5/30/37.5/45% for 5 seconds. The Movement Speed slow increases to 45/60/75/90% over the duration.

Spirit Fire

Spirit Fire ability icon
12s 110/120/130/140

Creates a flaming zone, dealing 55/110/165/220 + 40% of Magic Damage. The zone persists for 5 seconds, dealing 11/22/33/44 + 12% of Magic Damage over time and reducing Armor by 15/20/25/30%.

Fury of the Sands

Fury of the Sands ability icon
75/70/65s 100

Enhances himself to gain 300/450/600 Health, 40/50/60 Armor and Magic Resist for 12 seconds. Deals magic damage to nearby enemies equal 3/4/5% + 1% of their Health during the duration. Siphoning Strike's cooldown is reduced by 50% during the duration. The storm deals a max of 240 damage per second.

Imbued with the fire of the sun, Leona is a holy warrior of the Solari who defends Mount Targon with her Zenith Blade and the Shield of Daybreak. Her skin shimmers with starfire while her eyes burn with the power of the celestial Aspect within her. Armored in gold and bearing a terrible burden of ancient knowledge, Leona brings enlightenment to some, death to others.

Leona's Abilities


Sunlight ability icon

Abilities apply Sunlight for 1.5s. Other allied champions consume Sunlight when damaging enemies, dealing 34 - 160 bonus Magic Damage.

Shield of Daybreak

Shield of Daybreak ability icon
5s 45/50/55/60

Empowers the next attack to stun for 1s and deal 15/50/85/120 + 30% bonus Magic Damage.


Eclipse ability icon
14/13/12/11s 60

For 3s, gain 35/50/65/80 +20% additional Armor and 35/50/65/80 +20% additional Magic Resist. After the effects end, nearby enemies take 60/95/130/165 + 40% Magic Damage. If an enemy is hit, Leona retains her defensive bonuses for an additional 3s.

Zenith Blade

Zenith Blade ability icon
12/10/8/6s 60

Deals 60/115/170/225 + 40% Magic Damage to enemies in a line. Leona roots the last champion hit for 0.5s and dashes to them.

Solar Flare

Solar Flare ability icon
55/45/35s 100

Calls down a beam of light, dealing 150/225/300 + 80% Magic Damage and slowing by 80% for 1.75s. Enemies in the center are stunned instead of slowed.

Outside the gleaming city of Demacia, the stone colossus Galio keeps vigilant watch. Built as a bulwark against enemy mages, he often stands motionless for decades until the presence of powerful magic stirs him to life. Once activated, Galio makes the most of his time, savoring the thrill of a fight and the rare honor of defending his countrymen. But his triumphs are always bittersweet, for the magic he destroys is also his source of reanimation, and each victory leaves him dormant once again.

Galio's Abilities

Colossal Smash

Icon of the ability Colossal Smash

Enhances his next attack to deal a total of 15 - 190 + 100% + 50% +60% of additional Magic Resistance of Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

Winds of War

Icon of the ability Winds of War
11/10,5/10/9,5s 75

Fires two wind blasts that deal 70/115/160/205 + 75% of Magic Damage and converge to form a tornado. The tornado deals Magic Damage equal to 8% + 2% of the target's maximum Health over 1,5s.

Shield of Durand

Icon of the ability Shield of Durand
18/17/16/15s 50

Passive: every 12s, when taking damage, Galio gains a Shield that absorbs 8/12/16/20% of Maximum Health of Magic Damage for 3,5s.

Hold: enters a defensive stance, suffering 15% Slow for up to 2s. Takes (25/30/35/40% + 5% +8% of additional Magic Resistance) less Magic Damage and (12,5/15/17,5/20% + 2,5% +4% of additional Magic Resistance) less Physical Damage.

Release: deals 40/80/120/160 + 55% of Magic Damage to nearby enemies and taunts them for 0,5-1,5 seconds, increased with hold time.

Justice Punch

Icon of the ability Justice Punch
11/10/9/8s 50

Dashes forward until he hits an enemy champion or terrain, dealing 90/140/190/240 + 90% of Magic Damage to enemies and knocking them up for 0,75 seconds. Deals 50% damage to minions and monsters.

Hero's Entrance

Icon of the ability Hero's Entrance
100/90/80s 100

Grants Shield of Durand's passive shield for 5 seconds to all allied champions near the target and designates the position as his landing spot. After 2,5 seconds, Galio arrives at the location, dealing 150/250/350 + 70% of Magic Damage to nearby enemies and knocking them up for 0,75 seconds.

Abandoning the Kinkou Order and her title of the Fist of Shadow, Akali now strikes alone, ready to be the deadly weapon her people need. Though she holds onto all she learned from her master Shen, she has pledged to defend Ionia from its enemies, one kill at a time. Akali may strike in silence, but her message will be heard loud and clear: fear the assassin with no master.

Akali's Abilities

Assassin's Mark

Icon of the Assassin's Mark ability

Dealing active ability damage to a champion reveals a ring for 4s.

Crossing the ring empowers Akali's next attack to gain 100 range, deal 28 - 140 + 60% bonus AD + 50% bonus Magic Damage. Gains 30/40/50/60% Movement Speed while moving toward the ring. Upon crossing the ring, she gains 30/40/50/60% Movement Speed while moving toward enemy champions for 2s. This speed changes at levels 1/5/9/13.

Five Point Strike

Icon of the Five Point Strike ability
1.5s 105/90/75/60

Throws five kunais, dealing 35/70/105/140 + 65% + 60% Magic Damage. Enemies struck at maximum range are slowed by 50% for 0.5s.

Twilight Shroud

Icon of the Twilight Shroud ability

Creates a smoke cloud that expands over 5.5/6/6.5/7s and gain 100 maximum energy. Akali is invisible and gains 30/35/40/45% Movement Speed inside the shroud. Attacking breaks the invisibility for 0.8s.

Shuriken Flip

Icon of the Shuriken Flip ability
15s 30

Flips backward and throws a shuriken, dealing 30/60/90/120 + 25% + 30% Magic Damage and marking the target for 3s.

Re-cast: Dashes to the marked target, dealing 70/120/170/220 + 50% + 80% Magic Damage.

Perfect Execution

Icon of the Perfect Execution ability
85/65/45s 100

First Cast: Dashes through an enemy champion, dealing 80/200/320 + 50% bonus AD + 30% Magic Damage. Can be cast again after 2.5s.

Second Cast: Dashes in target direction, dealing 70/140/210 + 30% Magic Damage based on enemies' missing Health. Deals max damage to enemies below 35% health.

An enthusiastic master of dark sorcery, Veigar has embraced powers that few mortals dare approach. As a free-spirited inhabitant of Bandle City, he longed to push beyond the limitations of yordle magic, and turned instead to arcane texts that had been hidden away for thousands of years. Now a stubborn creature with an endless fascination for the mysteries of the universe, Veigar is often underestimated by others—but even though he believes himself truly evil, he possesses an inner morality that leads some to question his deeper motivations.

Veigar Abilities

Phenomenal Evil Power

Phenomenal Evil Power ability icon

Hitting an Enemy Champion with a spell grants Veigar 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil.

Killing minions or monsters with a spell grants Veigar 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil.

Champion takedowns grant Veigar 5 stacks of Phenomenal Evil.

Each stack of Phenomenal Evil grants 1 Ability Power.

Baleful Strike

Baleful Strike ability icon
5.5/5/4.5/4s 35/40/45/50

Veigar unleashes a bolt of dark energy, dealing 65/125/185/245 + 50/55/60/65% Magic Damage to the first two enemies hit.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter ability icon
8s 75/80/85/90

Veigar summons dark matter from the sky, dealing 100/160/220/280 + 90% Magic Damage. Every 50 stacks of Phenomenal Evil reduce this ability's cooldown by 10%.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon ability icon
18/17/16/15s 75/80/85/90

Veigar creates a cage that stuns enemies that pass through for 1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds. The cage lasts for 3 seconds. Veigar's auto casts will prioritize targets stunned by Event Horizon.

Primordial Burst

Primordial Burst ability icon
60/55/50s 100

Veigar blasts an Enemy Champion with primal magic to deal 185/250/315 + 75% Magic Damage to them, increased by 0% - 100% based on the target's missing health. Deals max damage to enemies below 35% health.

A headstrong young vastaya of the seas, Nami was the first of the Marai tribe to leave the waves and venture onto dry land, when their ancient accord with the Targonians was broken. With no other option, she took it upon herself to complete the sacred ritual that would ensure the safety of her people. Amidst the chaos of this new age, Nami faces an uncertain future with grit and determination, using her Tidecaller staff to summon the strength of the oceans themselves.

Nami's Abilities

Surging Tides

Surging Tides ability icon

Allied champions touched by Nami's abilities gain 65 + 20% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

Aqua Prison

Aqua Prison ability icon
12/11/10/9s 60

Fires a bubble, dealing 75/145/215/285 + 50% Magic Damage and knocking up for 1.5 seconds.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow ability icon
10s 70/85/100/115

Launches a stream that bounces 3 times between allied and enemy champions, healing allies for 55/85/115/145 + 30% and dealing 65/120/175/230 + 50% Magic Damage to enemies. Can hit each target once. Healing and damage values are reduced by -15% + 7.5% each bounce.

Tidecaller's Blessing

Tidecaller's Blessing ability icon
11s 55/60/65/70

Enhances an allied champion's next 3 attacks for 6 seconds to deal an additional 25/45/65/85 + 20% Magic Damage and slow by 15/20/25/30% + 5% for 1 second.

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave ability icon
75/70/65s 100

Sends a wave, dealing 150/250/350 + 60% Magic Damage, knocking up for 0.5 seconds and slowing by 50/60/70%. Slow lasts for 2 to 4 seconds, increasing with how far the wave travels. Allies touched gain double the effect from Surging Tides.

Decisive in judgment and lethal in combat, Katarina is a Noxian assassin of the highest caliber. Eldest daughter to the legendary General Du Couteau, she made her talents known with swift kills against unsuspecting enemies. Her fiery ambition has driven her to pursue heavily-guarded targets, even at the risk of endangering her allies—but no matter the mission, Katarina will not hesitate to execute her duty amid a whirlwind of serrated daggers.

Katarina's Abilities


Voracity ability icon

Whenever an enemy champion dies that Katarina has damaged in the last 3 seconds, her remaining ability cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds.

Katarina slashes at all nearby enemies whenever she picks up a Dagger, dealing 40 + 10 Ă— level + 100% bonus AD + (30 + 3 Ă— Level)% of Magic Damage.

Bouncing Blade

Bouncing Blade ability icon

Throws a Dagger, dealing 75/115/155/195 + 30% of Magic Damage to the target and 2 nearby enemies. The dagger then ricochets to the ground behind the initial strike point. The Dagger's time in the air is the same regardless of how many times it bounces.


Preparation ability icon

Tosses a Dagger in the air and hastes Katarina by 30/40/50/60%.


Shunpo ability icon

Blink to a location near a Dagger or unit, dealing 15/35/55/75 + 50% + 25% of Magic Damage to the nearest enemy. Picking up a Dagger greatly reduces the Cooldown of Shunpo.

Death Lotus

Death Lotus ability icon

Rapidly throws blades at the 3 nearest enemy champions, dealing 400/600/800 + 260% bonus AD + 280% of Magic Damage and applying Grievous Wounds. Katarina can move and throw blades for up to 2.6s. Grievous Wounds reduces the effect of Healing and Regeneration effects on 50%.

Undeterred by even the most dangerous and threatening of obstacles, Teemo scouts the world with boundless enthusiasm and a cheerful spirit. A yordle with an unwavering sense of morality, he takes pride in following the Bandle Scout's Code, sometimes with such eagerness that he is unaware of the broader consequences of his actions. Though some say the existence of the Scouts is questionable, one thing is for certain: Teemo's conviction is nothing to be trifled with.

Teemo's Abilities

Toxic Shot

Icon of the Toxic Shot ability

Your Attacks deal 8 - 50 + 20% additional Magic Damage on impact plus 8 - 50 + 9% Magic Damage each second for 4 seconds.

Blinding Dart

Icon of the Blinding Dart ability
8s 75/80/85/90

Deals 70/120/170/220 + 60% Magic Damage and blinds the target for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Attacks from blinded enemies will miss their target, dealing no damage and failing to apply on-hit effects.

Move Quick

Icon of the Move Quick ability
17/16/15/14s 40

Passive: Grants 15/20/25/30% Movement Speed if an enemy champion or structure has not damaged Teemo within the last 5 seconds.

Active: Rolls a short distance forward and sprints for 3 seconds. During this time, Move Quick's bonus is doubled and cannot be removed by damage.

Guerrilla Warfare

Icon of the Guerrilla Warfare ability
25/23/21/19s 60

After a delay, become Camouflaged. Moving outside of brush for more than 3/3.5/4/4.5 seconds ends this effect.

After exiting Camouflage, gain 30/40/50/60% Attack Speed for 3/4/5/6 seconds.

Camouflage: Hide from champions by keeping them out of Teemo's detection radius. Enemy turrets reveal camouflaged units near them. Attacks and offensive abilities end Camouflage early.

Noxious Trap

Icon of the Noxious Trap ability
1s (charges in 30/25/20s) 75

Place a mushroom trap that detonates when an enemy steps on it, dealing 225/350/475 + 60% Magic Damage over 3 seconds and slowing by 30/40/50% for 3 seconds. Traps last for 2 minutes.

With a love of big bombs and short fuses, the yordle Ziggs is an explosive force of nature. As an inventor's assistant in Piltover, he was bored by his predictable life and befriended a mad, blue-haired bomber named Jinx. After a wild night on the town, Ziggs took her advice and moved to Zaun, where he now explores his fascinations more freely, terrorizing the chem-barons and regular citizens alike in his never ending quest to blow stuff up.

Ziggs' Abilities

Short Fuse

Short Fuse ability icon

Enhances his next attack to deal an additional 30 - 170 + 30% - 50% Magic Damage. Short Fuse's cooldown is reduced by 4s - 6s when Ziggs casts an ability. Deals 150% damage to structures.

Bouncing Bomb

Bouncing Bomb ability icon
7,5/6/5,5/4s 55/60/65/70

Throws a bouncing bomb that deals 85/145/205/265 + 65% Magic Damage.

Satchel Charge

Satchel Charge ability icon
18/16/14/12s 65

Flings an explosive charge that can be detonated within 4s to deal 70/115/160/205 + 50% Magic Damage and knock enemies away. Ziggs is also knocked away without taking damage. Damages turrets and demolishes them if they are below 10/15/20/25% Health.

Hexplosive Minefield

Hexplosive Minefield ability icon
18s 70/80/90/100

Scatters proximity mines that deal 50/105/160/215 + 35% Magic Damage on contact and slow by 35/40/45/50% for 2s. Enemies detonating multiple mines take 40% damage from subsequent mines. Mines last 5s.

Mega Inferno Bomb

Mega Inferno Bomb ability icon
85/75/65s 100

Deploys the Mega Inferno Bomb to deal 300/450/600 + 105% Magic Damage. Enemies not in the center take 66,7% damage.

As the embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change, Zoe acts as the cosmic messenger of Targon, heralding major events that reshape worlds. Her mere presence warps the arcane mathematics governing realities, sometimes causing cataclysms without conscious effort or malice. This perhaps explains the breezy nonchalance with which Zoe approaches her duties, giving her plenty of time to focus on playing games, tricking mortals, or otherwise amusing herself. An encounter with Zoe can be joyous and life affirming, but it is always more than it appears and often extremely dangerous.

Zoe's Abilities

More Sparkles!

More Sparkles! ability icon

Zoe's next attack after using an ability deals an additional 16-128 + 20% Magic Damage. More Sparkles! deals damage instantly and deals 50% damage to structures.

Paddle Star!

Paddle Star! ability icon
8/7.5/7/6.5s 50/55/60/65

Zoe fires a star that deals increasing damage to the first enemy hit, according to the distance traveled. The damage varies between 35/75/115/155 + 60% and 87.5/187.5/287.5/387.5 + 150% Magic Damage. Enemies around the target suffer 80% of the damage. Zoe can recast the ability to redirect the projectile to a new position near the champion.

Spell Thief

Spell Thief ability icon
0.3s 0

Passive: Enemies drop Spell Shards when casting a Spell or using a Boot Enchantment. Specific minions also drop a Spell Shard when they are killed by Zoe or nearby allies. She can collect the shard to cast the corresponding ability once.

Passive: when Zoe casts this ability or any spell, she gains movement speed of 25/30/35/40% for 2s and fires 3 projectiles at the last target she attacked. Each projectile deals Magic Damage of 25/35/45/55 + 15%.

Active: casts the ability from a Spell Shard that Zoe has collected. The Spell Shards stay on the ground for 20s. Each projectile can apply More Sparkles!

Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Sleepy Trouble Bubble ability icon
15/14/13/12s 80

Zoe kicks a bubble that deals Magic Damage of 40/95/150/205 + 50%, becoming a trap if it doesn't hit anyone. The bubble's range increases when it crosses a terrain. After a delay, the victim Falls Asleep for 2s.

Attacks and Abilities interrupt the sleep and cause 40/95/150/205 + 50% additional True Damage. Before the target Falls Asleep, they become Drowsy, suffering a gradual slow of up to 15/20/25/30%.

Portal Jump

Portal Jump ability icon
10/8/6s 50

Zoe teleports to a nearby position for 1s and then teleports back. During this time, she can use abilities and attack, but cannot move.

A headstrong, spirited young woman from Zaun's working-class, Zeri channels her electric magic to charge herself and her custom-crafted gun. Her volatile power mirrors her emotions, its sparks reflecting her lightning-fast approach to life. Deeply compassionate toward others, Zeri carries the love of her family and her home into every fight. Though her eagerness to help can sometimes backfire, Zeri believes one truth to be certain: stand up for your community, and it will stand up with you.

Zeri's Abilities

Living Battery

Living Battery ability icon

Zeri shields herself for 60% of the damage she deals to Shields, and gains 15% Move Speed for 3 seconds when Shielded.


Electrocute! ability icon
7.5/6/4.5/3s 30

Passive: Zeri fires a burst of 6 rounds in the target direction that deal Physical Damage equivalent to 8 – 16 + 100% – 110% to the first enemy hit.

Zeri's attack speed has a maximum of 1.5 attacks per second. 50% of Attack Speed in excess of the cap is converted into bonus Attack Damage.

Active: Zeri zaps target location, dealing 35/60/85/110 + 55/70/85/100% + 30/35/40/45% of Magic Damage and 14/18/22/26% Slow for 2s.

Ultrashock Laser

Ultrashock Laser ability icon
12/11/10/9s 50

Zeri fires out an electric pulse that deals 30/70/110/150 + 80% + 40% of Magic Damage to the first unit hit, slowing it by 30/35/40/45% for 2s. If the pulse hits a wall, it expands into a long range laser, applying the effects in an area and crit champions and monster.

Spark Surge

Spark Surge ability icon
24/22/20/18s 80

Zeri dashes a short distance and loads up lightning rounds for 6 seconds, empowering the next 3 Attacks to pierce, dealing 50/65/80/95% damage to targets after the first. Hitting a champion with an attack reduces this ability cooldown by 1 second. If Zeri touches a wall while dashing she will vault over it, greatly extending the dash range.

Lightning Crash

Lightning Crash ability icon
70/65/60s 100

Zeri discharges a nova of electricity, dealing 150/200/250 + 70% bonus + 80% of Magic Damage to all enemies nearby and gaining 8 stacks of Overcharge for each champion hit for 10 seconds. While Overcharged, Zeri gains 0.5% movement speed per stack, 25% Attack Speed and 5 + 15% bonus Magic Damage on-hit.

During this time, her Attack becomes a faster triple shot that chains the bonus 5 + 15% Magic Damage and 20% of Physical Damage to nearby enemies. Hitting an enemy champion with an attack or ability adds 1 stack of Overcharge. Takedowns increase its duration by 4 seconds.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who wanted to prove he was a hero by slaying a fearsome monster—only to discover that the beast, a lonely and magical yeti, merely needed a friend. Bound together by ancient power and a shared love of snowballs, Nunu and Willump now ramble wildly across the Freljord, breathing life into imagined adventures. They hope that somewhere out there, they will find Nunu's mother. If they can save her, maybe they will be heroes after all…

Nunu & Willump's Abilities

Call of the Freljord

Icon of the ability Call of the Freljord

Gains 30% Attack Speed and 10% Movement Speed for 4s upon damaging an enemy champion, large monster or structure. The allied champion nearby with the highest Attack Speed will receive half of this effect. The effect cannot be triggered on the same target for 8s.


Icon of the ability Consume
11/10/9/8s 60

Takes a bite out of the enemy, dealing 55/110/165/220 + 65% + 5% bonus Magic Damage and healing for 60/95/130/165 + 70% +9% bonus. The healing is increased by 50% when Nunu and Willump's Maximum Health is below 50%. Against minions and monsters, it deals 350/500/650/800 True Damage.

Biggest Snowball Ever!

Icon of the ability Biggest Snowball Ever!
12s 55/60/65/70

Willump begins rolling a snowball that increases in size and speed over 12s. The snowball explodes upon colliding with enemy champions, large monsters or terrain, dealing 35/48/61/74 + 30% to 175/240/305/370 + 150% Magic Damage to enemies and knocking them airborne for 0.5s - 1.25s (increases based on the size of the snowball). Re-cast: releases the snowball, causing it to explode on the first enemy hit. Removes Slow effects on cast and is immune to them while rolling. Deals 33.33% damage to minions and small monsters.

Snowball Barrage

Icon of the ability Snowball Barrage
12s 55/60/65/70

Channels for up to 2.5s, throwing snowballs that deal 10/14/18/22 + 5% Magic Damage and 20% Slow for 0.5s.

When the channel ends, Willump deals Magic Damage equal to 3% – 15% + 0.8% – 4% of the enemies' max Health and roots them for 0.5s-1.5s. Damage and root duration scale with the number of snowball hits on the target.

The final explosion deals up to 150/200/250/300 damage against monsters. Deals 150% damage to monsters.

Absolute Zero

Icon of the ability Absolute Zero
70/65/60s 100

Gains a Shield that absorbs 65/75/85 + 180% +30/40/50% bonus damage and begins channeling for up to 3s. Nearby enemies are slowed by 50%, increasing to 95% over the duration. When the channel ends, nearby enemies take 130/190/250 + 50% to 715/1045/1375 + 275% Magic Damage, increased with channel duration.

In the black heart of the Shadow Isles, a lone yordle trudges through the spectral fog, content in its murky misery. With an endless supply of teen angst and a powerful shadow in tow, Vex lives in her own self-made slice of gloom, far from the revolting cheer of the "normie" world. Though she lacks ambition, she is quick to strike down color and happiness, stopping all would-be interlopers with her magical malaise.

Vex's Abilities

Doom 'N Gloom

Icon of the Doom 'N Gloom ability

Every 22 seconds, Vex becomes afflicted with Doom, causing her next basic Ability to interrupt dashes and Fear enemies for 0.75 seconds.

Whenever a nearby enemy dashes or blinks, Vex marks them with Gloom for 6 seconds. Vex's next Attack against a Gloomed enemy deals an additional 24 + 20% magic damage and reduces this Ability's Cooldown by 25%.

Non-champion targets take 40% damage and refund 10% of this Ability's Cooldown.

Mistral Bolt

Icon of the Mistral Bolt ability
8s 50

Vex launches a wave of mist that deals 50 + 60% magic damage. After a delay, the wave becomes smaller and faster.

Consumes Gloom on enemies hit.

Personal Space

Icon of the Personal Space ability
18s 75

Vex gains 50 + 70% Shield for 2.5 seconds and emits a shockwave that deals 65 + 30% magic damage. Consumes Gloom on enemies hit.

Looming Darkness

Icon of the Looming Darkness ability
13s 80/90/100/110

Vex commands Shadow to fly to a location. Upon arriving, it deals 50 + 40/45/50/55% magic damage and Slows by 30/35/40/45% for 2 seconds.

Applies Gloom to enemies hit. Enemies Feared by this Ability move away from the center rather than from Vex. The size of the affected area increases the further Vex casts this from herself.

Shadow Surge

Icon of the Shadow Surge ability
90s 100

Shadow excitedly surges forward, dealing 75 + 20% magic damage and marking the first enemy champion hit for 4 seconds. Recast: Dash to the marked champion, dealing 150 + 50% magic damage on arrival. If the marked champion dies within 6 seconds of taking damage from this Ability, its cooldown is temporarily reset.

A proud and noble warrior, Garen fights as one of the Dauntless Vanguard. He is popular among his fellows, and respected well enough by his enemies—not least as a scion of the prestigious Crownguard family, entrusted with defending Demacia and its ideals. Clad in magic-resistant armor and bearing a mighty broadsword, Garen stands ready to confront mages and sorcerers on the field of battle, in a veritable whirlwind of righteous steel.

Garen's Abilities


Perseverance ability icon

If Garen has not been struck by damage or enemy abilities within the last 5 seconds, he regenerates 1.2% - 4% of missing Health per second. Damage from minions and non-epic monsters does not affect this effect.

Decisive Strike

Decisive Strike ability icon

Garen breaks free from all slows, briefly becoming immune to them for 0.5 seconds and gaining 35% of Movement Speed for 3 seconds. The next attack within 3 seconds is empowered to deal 30/70/110/150+ 40% additional Physical Damage and silence the target for 1.5 seconds.


Courage ability icon

Reduce damage taken for 2/3/4/5 seconds. For the first 1 second(s), damage is reduced by 70% and Garen gains 70% Tenacity. Damage is reduced by 30% for the remaining duration. Tenacity reduces the duration of most movement impairing effects.


Judgment ability icon

Garen rapidly spins, creating a bladestorm for 3 seconds, dealing 11/14/17/20 + 30/35/40/45% Physical Damage 8 times. Enemies hit by the bladestorm's edge are critically struck for 135/140/145/150% damage.

Re-cast: Stops spinning. Deals 60%-100% damage to minions.

Demacian Justice

Demacian Justice ability icon

Garen calls forth the might of Demacia to execute an enemy champion, dealing true damage equal to 150/250/350 + [15/20/25 + 12% bonus AD]% of the target's missing health. Nearby enemies take 75/125/175 + [7.5/10/12.5 + 6% bonus AD]% of their missing health. Deals a max 600 damage to epic monsters.

Jhin is a meticulous criminal psychopath who believes murder is art. Once an Ionian prisoner, but freed by shadowy elements within Ionia's ruling council, the serial killer now works as their cabal's assassin. Using his gun as his paintbrush, Jhin creates works of artistic brutality, horrifying victims and onlookers. He gains a cruel pleasure from putting on his gruesome theater, making him the ideal choice to send the most powerful of messages: terror.

Jhin's Abilities


Whisper ability icon

Whisper, Jhin's hand cannon, carries 4 shots before needing to be reloaded and fires at a fixed rate (Attack speed will be converted into Attack Damage). The final bullet will critically strike and deal additional 11% - 25% of the target's missing health as Physical Damage.

Whenever Whisper crits, Jhin gains a burst of 15% (+0.4% for each 1% bonus Attack Speed) Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Attack Damage scales with Critical Strike Chance and bonus Attack Speed.

Dancing Grenade

Dancing Grenade ability icon
6.5/6/5.5/5s 45/50/55/60

Jhin launches a magical cartridge at an enemy, dealing 45/80/115/150 + 35/45/55/65% + 60% of Physical Damage before bouncing to a nearby target that has not yet been hit. It can hit up to 4 targets and gains 44% damage each time it kills.

Deadly Flourish

Deadly Flourish ability icon
12s 60/65/70/75

Jhin fires a long range shot that stops on the first champion hit, dealing 60/100/140/180 + 40% of Physical Damage to it, and 75% of that damage to minions and monsters hit along the way. If the target champion was struck by Jhin, Jhin's allies, or Lotus Traps within the last 4 seconds, they are Rooted for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds and Jhin gains Movement Speed as though he had crit them.

Captive Audience

Captive Audience ability icon
2s 35/40/45/50

Jhin places an invisible Lotus Trap that reveals nearby enemies when walked over. It slows enemies by 30% before dealing 20/100/180/260 + 120% + 100% of Magic Damage.

When Jhin kills an enemy champion, a Lotus Trap will spawn and detonate where they were killed.

Deals 65% damage to non-champion enemies and champions that have recently been damaged by another trap. Stores up to 2 charges, which recharge in 20/18/16/14s.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call ability icon
80/70/60s 100

Jhin channels to fire 4 super shots at extreme range in a cone. The shots stop on the first champion hit, slowing it by 80% for 0.75 seconds and dealing 50/125/200 + 25% of Physical Damage, increased by 3% for each 1% health the target is missing. The 4th shot crits for 200% damage. Tap the cancel button to cancel the channel.

Shauna Vayne is a deadly, remorseless Demacian monster hunter, who has dedicated her life to finding and destroying the demon that murdered her family. Armed with a wrist-mounted crossbow and a heart full of vengeance, she is only truly happy when slaying practitioners or creations of the dark arts, striking from the shadows with a flurry of silver bolts.

Vayne's Abilities

Night Hunter

Night Hunter ability icon

Gains 10 - 20 Movement Speed when moving towards enemy champions.

Final Hour: Gains 70 Movement Speed instead.


Tumble ability icon
3.5/3/2.5/2s 30

Dashes forward and empowers her next attack to deal an additional 40/50/60/70% Physical Damage.

Final Hour: Gains 1 second of invisibility on cast. Tumble does not go through walls.

Silver Bolts

Silver Bolts ability icon
18/17/16/15s 45

Passive: Every third consecutive attack or ability on the same target deals additional true damage equal to 3/6/9/12% of the enemy's maximum Health.

Active: Gains 40/45/50/55% Attack Speed for the next 3 attacks within 5 seconds and heals for 40% of the damage Silver Bolts dealt.

Passive deals least 50/65/80/95 true damage. Passive damage is capped at 200 against monsters.


Condemn ability icon
21/18/15/12s 90

Fires a bolt that deals 50/80/110/140 + 55% bonus Physical Damage and knocks back. If enemies are knocked into a wall, they take an additional 105/145/185/225 + 75% bonus and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Final Hour

Final Hour ability icon
65/60/55s 100

Gains 20/30/40 Attack Damage and strengthens Night Hunter and Tumble for 8/10/12 seconds.

When an enemy champion damaged by Vayne dies within 3 seconds, Final Hour's duration is extended by 4 seconds, up to an additional 8/10/12 seconds.

Nilah is an ascetic warrior from a distant land, seeking the world's deadliest, most titanic opponents so that she might challenge and destroy them. Having won her power through an encounter with the long-imprisoned demon of joy, she has no emotions other than unceasing jubilation—a small price to pay for the vast strength she now possesses. Channeling the demon's liquid form into a blade of unparalleled might, she stands defiant against ancient threats long forgotten.

Nilah's Abilities

Joy Unending

Joy Unending ability icon

After a Critical Attack, Nilah heals herself for 20% of the damage dealt. Excess healing is converted into an equivalent Shield, which lasts for 6 seconds.

Formless Blade

Formless Blade ability icon
4s 30

Passive: Gains 35% of current Critical Strike Chance as Armor Penetration.

Active: Nilah cracks her whip-blade in a straight line, dealing 10/15/20/25 + 90/100/110/120% of Physical Damage to enemies hit. Every 1% Critical Rate increases damage by 1%. Deals 60% damage to monsters.

After Formless Blade hits an enemy, Nilah gains 10%-60% Attack Speed and 125 bonus Attack Range. Her attacks also deal 100% of Physical Damage to enemies in a cone for 4s. Damage against non-Champions is 80% less. When Formless Blade is cast during Slipstream, Nilah leaves behind a wave that is sent towards her at the end of the dash, dealing the same damage to enemies hit.

Jubilant Veil

Jubilant Veil ability icon

Nilah envelops herself in mist for 1.75s, during which she gains 15/20/25/30% Movement Speed, reduces incoming magic damage taken by 25% and becomes immune to non-tower attacks. If there are allied champions nearby, the nearest allied champion gains the same effects, and the duration of the effects Nilah gained is extended by 1s.


Slipstream ability icon
18/16/14/12s 40

Nilah dashes forward for a fixed distance, dealing 70/100/130/160 + 20% of Physical Damage to any enemies that she passes through. Empowered attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1s. Cooldown is further reduced by 1s after hitting a champion. Hitting any unit will also refresh this ability's cooldown. Cooldown cannot be refreshed again within 10s. If no unit was hit, immediately enters cooldown.


Apotheosis ability icon
80/70/60s 80

Nilah whirls her whip-blade, dealing 60/120/180 + 140% bonus of Physical Damage continuously over 1 second and reducing the enemy's Movement Speed by 10% for 3 seconds. When keeping her whip-blade, Nilah also deals 125/225/325 + 120% bonus of Physical Damage and pulls nearby enemies toward her. Nilah also heals herself and nearby allied champions by 20% of the damage (20% + 30% Critical Strike Chance) that she dealt to enemy champions. Excess healing is converted into a shield that lasts 6 seconds. Non-champion units are healed by 10% instead.

Claimed by the Void when she was only a child, Kai'Sa managed to survive through sheer tenacity and strength of will. Her experiences have made her a deadly hunter and, to some, the harbinger of a future they would rather not live to see. Having entered into an uneasy symbiosis with a living Void carapace, the time will soon come when she must decide whether to forgive those mortals who would call her a monster, and defeat the coming darkness together… or simply to forget, as the Void consumes the world that left her behind.

Kai’Sa's Abilities

Second Skin

Icon of the Second Skin ability

Living Weapon: Buying legendary items allows you to upgrade a basic skill.

Caustic Wounds: Kai'Sa's attacks accumulate Plasma for 4s and cause 5 - 12 + 15% additional Magic Damage. Plasma detonates when it reaches 5 stacks, causing additional Magic Damage equivalent to (15 + 2.5%)% of the target's lost Health. Nearby allies will apply a stack to Champions they immobilize. Plasma detonations deal a maximum of 400 damage to monsters.

Icathian Rain

Icon of the Icathian Rain ability
9/8/7/6s 55

Launches 6 projectiles that divide equally among nearby enemies, each causing 40/60/80/100 + 50% bonus AD + 30% Physical Damage. Additional hits on Champions or monsters cause 25% damage.

Living Weapon: Fires 12 projectiles. Troops with less than 35% Health suffer 150% damage. Deals 50% damage against monsters.

Void Seeker

Icon of the Void Seeker ability
20/18/16/14s 60/65/70/75

Fires a blast that reveals the first enemy hit, adds 2 Plasma stacks, and deals 30/60/90/120 + 110% + 60% Magic Damage. Living Weapon: Adds 3 stacks and refunds 70% of the Cooldown when hitting Champions.


Icon of the Supercharge ability
16/14/12/10s 30

Charges for 1 second, receiving 60/65/70/75% +100% of Attack Speed Movement Speed. For 4 seconds after charging, receives 45/55/65/75% Attack Speed.

Living Weapon: Grants Invisibility during charging. Attacks reduce Supercharge's Cooldown by 0.5 seconds. The charging time decreases and Movement Speed increases based on Attack Speed.

Killer Instinct

Icon of the Killer Instinct ability
80/70/60s 100

Dashes to a location near an enemy Champion affected by Plasma, gaining a Shield that absorbs 75/100/125 + 100/150/200% + 75% damage for 2 seconds.

Innately connected to the magic of the spirit realm, Ahri is a fox-like vastaya who can manipulate her prey's emotions and consume their essence—receiving flashes of their memory and insight from each soul she consumes. Once a powerful yet wayward predator, Ahri is now traveling the world in search of remnants of her ancestors while also trying to replace her stolen memories with ones of her own making.

Ahri's Abilities

Essence Theft

Essence Theft ability icon

Gains a stack of Essence Theft if her spell hits a target. At 3 stacks, Ahri's next spell that hits an enemy heals her for 40 - 100 + 20%. If an enemy champion that Ahri has damaged within 3 seconds dies, she will consume their essence to heal herself for 80 - 200 + 35%.

Orb of Deception

Orb of Deception ability icon
7s 65/70/75/80

Launches an orb that deals 35/70/105/140 + 35% Magic Damage on the way out, and 35/70/105/140 + 35% True Damage on the way back.


Fox-Fire ability icon
9/8/7/6s 50

Releases 3 fox-fires that seek nearby enemies and deal 40/75/110/145 + 30% Magic Damage. Ahri gains 45% Movement Speed that decays over 1.5 seconds. Enemies hit by multiple fox-fires take 30% damage for each fox-fire beyond the first. Fox-fires prioritize champions hit by Charm, followed by recently attacked enemies.


Charm ability icon
12s 85

Ahri blows a kiss, dealing 60/100/140/180 + 50% Magic Damage and charming the first enemy hit, causing them to walk towards Ahri for 1.4/1.6/1.8/2 seconds.

Spirit Rush

Spirit Rush ability icon
75/65/55s 100

Ahri dashes forward, firing essence bolts, dealing 60/90/120 + 35% Magic Damage to 3 nearby enemies. During Spirit Rush, if Ahri devours a champion's essence with Essence Theft, Ahri will extend Spirit Rush's recast duration up to 10 seconds, and she gains an extra charge of Spirit Rush (Can store up to 3 charges). Dash range increases while leveling up. Essence bolts attack champions first.

Master Yi has tempered his body and sharpened his mind, so that thought and action have become almost as one. Though he chooses to enter into violence only as a last resort, the grace and speed of his blade ensures resolution is always swift. As one of the last living practitioners of the Ionian art of Wuju, Yi has devoted his life to continuing the legacy of his people—scrutinizing potential new disciples with the Seven Lenses of Insight to identify the most worthy among them.

Master Yi Abilities

Double Strike

Double Strike ability icon

Every 4th consecutive attack strikes twice, dealing 150% Physical Damage.

Alpha Strike

Alpha Strike ability icon
16/15/14/13s 55/60/65/70

Becomes Untargetable and strikes up to 4 enemies, dealing 30/70/110/150 + 60% Physical Damage. If there are no other targets, Master Yi will strike a previous target for 25% damage. Attacks reduce the cooldown of Alpha Strike by 1 second.

Deals 95/125/155/185 bonus damage to monsters. Can Critically Strike, dealing 60% bonus damage.


Meditate ability icon
25s 50

Channels for up to 4 seconds, gaining 55/60/65/70% damage reduction and healing for 40/60/80/100 + 25% each second. Heal is increased the lower Master Yi's Health is, up to 100%.

Wuju Style

Wuju Style ability icon

Passive: Gains 8% physical damage while Wuju style is off cooldown.

Active: Attacks deal 30/40/50/60 + 25% bonus True Damage for 5 seconds.


Highlander ability icon
70/65/60s 100

Passive: Takedowns reduce Master Yi's basic ability cooldowns by 70%.

Active: Becomes immune to slows, gains 35/45/55% Movement Speed and 30/50/70% Attack Speed for 7 seconds. Takedowns extend the duration by 7 seconds.

Sadistic and cunning, Thresh is an ambitious and restless spirit of the Shadow Isles. Once the custodian of countless arcane secrets, he was undone by a power greater than life or death, and now sustains himself by tormenting and breaking others with slow, excruciating inventiveness. His victims suffer far beyond their brief mortal coil as Thresh wreaks agony upon their souls, imprisoning them in his unholy lantern to torture for all eternity.

Thresh Abilities


Damnation ability icon

Thresh can harvest the Souls of enemies that die near him, each soul permanently granting him 2 Armor and 2 Ability Power. Thresh does not gain Armor per level.

Death Sentence

Death Sentence ability icon
18/16/14/12s 70

Throws out a scythe, stunning the first unit hit and pulling them in for 1.5 seconds. The scythe does 80/130/180/230 + 50% Magic Damage and grants True Sight for the duration.

Recast: Dashes to the bound enemy.

If it hits an enemy, the cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.

Dark Passage

Dark Passage ability icon
22/20/18/16s 50

Throws a Lantern to a target location, allowing an ally to tap the Minion Button to dash to Thresh. The Lantern also grants a shield to Thresh and the first ally comes near it, absorbing up to 65/115/165/215 + 2 per Soul for 4 seconds.


Flay ability icon
12/11/10/9s 75

Passive: Basic attacks deal additional Magic Damage from 2 per Soul to 2 per Soul + 80/100/120/140% based on how long since he last attacked.

Active: Thresh whips his chains, pulling or pushing enemies in the direction of the swing. Enemies hit are also slowed by 20/25/30/35% for 1 second and take 65/105/145/185 + 40% Magic Damage.

The Box

The Box ability icon
85/80/75s 100

Creates a prison of spectral walls, dealing 250/400/550 + 100% Magic Damage and 99% Slow for 2 seconds to Champions. The walls break after one collision, and after one is broken, the rest deal half damage and slow for half duration. An enemy cannot be affected by multiple walls simultaneously.

More than just the lightning-quick enforcer of Ionian balance, Kennen is the only yordle member of the Kinkou. Despite his small, furry stature, he is eager to take on any threat with a whirling storm of shuriken and boundless enthusiasm. Alongside his master Shen, Kennen patrols the spirit realm, employing devastating electrical energy to strike down his enemies.

Kennen's Abilities

Mark of the Storm

Mark of the Storm ability icon

Hitting enemies with abilities places a Mark of the Storm on them for 6 seconds. At 3 stacks, the enemy is stunned for 1.25 seconds and Kennen gains 25 Energy. Stunning an enemy multiple times within 6 seconds reduces the stun duration to 0.5 seconds.

Thundering Shuriken

Thundering Shuriken ability icon
7/6/5/4s 60/55/50/45

Throws a shuriken, dealing 75/140/205/270 + 75% Magic Damage to the first enemy hit.

Electrical Surge

Electrical Surge ability icon
12/10/8/6s 40

Passive: Every 5 attacks, Kennen deals 35/45/55/65 + 70/80/90/100% bonus AD + 30% Magic Damage and applies a Mark of the Storm.

Active: Shocks nearby enemies afflicted by Mark of the Storm, dealing 60/90/120/150 + 80% Magic Damage.

Lightning Rush

Lightning Rush ability icon
9/8/7/6s 100/95/90/85

Transform into an electric ball for 2 seconds, becoming unable to attack but gaining 110% bonus Movement Speed and dealing 70/125/180/235 + 70% Magic Damage to enemies he passes through. The bonus Movement Speed is doubled during the first 0.5 seconds. Kennen gains 50/60/70/80% Attack Speed for 3 seconds upon exiting Lightning Rush. Gains 40 Energy when Lightning Rush first damages an enemy. Deals 50% damage to minions.

Slicing Maelstrom

Slicing Maelstrom ability icon
80/75/70s 80

Summons a storm that grants Kennen 20/40/60 Armor and 20/40/60 Magic Resist, and deals 30/60/90 + 15% Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds. Each subsequent bolt against the same target deals 10% increased damage. Only applies 3 Marks of the Storm to a single target.

Among the secretive, Ionian warriors known as the Kinkou, Shen serves as their leader, the Eye of Twilight. He longs to remain free from the confusion of emotion, prejudice, and ego, and walks the unseen path of dispassionate judgment between the spirit realm and the physical world. Tasked with enforcing the equilibrium between them, Shen wields blades of steel and arcane energy against any who would threaten it.

Shen's Abilities

Ki Barrier

Icon of Ki Barrier ability

Gains a Shield that absorbs 51 - 100 + 14% bonus Health damage for 2.5 seconds after completing an ability. If the ability affected at least one Champion, Ki Barrier's cooldown is reduced by 4 - 7.5 seconds. Gains 10 - 15 Energy when Shen's abilities damage an enemy.

Twilight Assault

Icon of Twilight Assault ability
8/7/6/5s 75/70/65/60

Recalls the Spirit Blade, enhancing his next 3 attacks to deal 12 - 40 + 2.5/3/3.5/4% + 1.5% of the target's max Health as Magic Damage. If the Spirit Blade passes through an enemy Champion, the damage bonus is increased to 12 - 40 + 5/5.5/6/6.5% + 2% of the target's max Health, and Shen gains 50% Attack Speed for a few seconds.

Enemy Champions the Spirit Blade passes through are slowed by 15/20/25/30% for 2 seconds while moving away from Shen. Deals 150% damage to monsters, capped at 225.

Spirit's Refuge

Icon of Spirit's Refuge ability
18/16/14/12s 20

Sends the Spirit Blade to an allied Champion, creating a zone that blocks enemy attacks for 1.75 seconds.

Shadow Dash

Icon of Shadow Dash ability
16/14/12/10s 75

Dashes forward, dealing 60/90/120/150 +15% bonus Health of Physical Damage to enemy Champions and monsters, and taunting them for 1.5 seconds.

Stand United

Icon of Stand United ability
110/100/90s 100

Channels for 3 seconds, shielding an allied Champion with a Shield that absorbs 170/340/510 + 135% +15% bonus Health damage for 5 seconds, increased by 0% - 60% based on the target's missing health. Upon completing the channel, Shen teleports to the target ally.

Malcolm Graves is a renowned mercenary, gambler, and thief—a wanted man in every city and empire he has visited. Even though he has an explosive temper, he possesses a strict sense of criminal honor, often enforced at the business end of his double-barreled shotgun Destiny. In recent years, he has reconciled a troubled partnership with Twisted Fate, and together they have prospered once more in the turmoil of Bilgewater's criminal underbelly.

Graves' Abilities

New Destiny

Icon of the New Destiny ability

Graves' shotgun has some unique properties:

Double Barrel: Graves must reload when he runs out of ammo. Attack speed slightly reduces reload time, but dramatically reduces time between attacks.

12 Gauge: Attacks fire 4 bullets. Units hit take 72% - 100% of Physical Damage + 24% - 33% for additional bullets. Critical strikes fire 6 bullets and increase each bullet's damage by 30%. Structures only take 75% damage.

Buckshot: Bullets cannot pass through enemy units. Non-champions struck by multiple bullets are knocked back slightly.

End of the Line

Icon of the End of the Line ability
13/11/9/7s 65/70/75/80

Fires a powder round that deals 45/65/85/105 + 80% bonus AD of Physical Damage and then detonates after 1s to deal an additional 80/130/180/230 + 80/110/140/170% bonus AD of Physical Damage. Detonates in 0.25s if the round hits terrain. Deals 90% damage against monsters.

Smoke Screen

Icon of the Smoke Screen ability
20/18/16/14s 75/80/85/90

Throws a canister that creates a cloud of smoke for 4s. Enemies within the smoke cannot see outside of it. Enemies caught in the initial impact take 60/125/190/255 + 60% of Magic Damage and are slowed by 50% for 0.5s.


Icon of the Quickdraw ability
16/15/14/13s 40

Dashes in a direction, reloading one shell and granting True Grit for 4s. True Grit grants 6/10/14/18 Armor (stacks 8 times) and refreshes when damaging non-minions.

Dashing towards an enemy champion grants 2 stacks of True Grit. Each bullet hit on an attack reduces Quickdraws cooldown by 0.5s.

Collateral Damage

Icon of the Collateral Damage ability
75/60/45s 100

Fires and explosive shell that deals 300/450/600 + 150% bonus AD of Physical Damage and knocks Graves back from recoil. The shell explodes upon hitting an enemy champion or reaching the end of its range, dealing 200/320/440 + 120% bonus AD of Physical Damage in a cone. Enemies damaged by the shell's initial impact do not take damage from the explosive cone.

An unstoppable force of destruction, the axe-wielding Olaf wants nothing but to die in glorious combat. Hailing from the brutal Freljordian peninsula of Lokfar, he once received a prophecy foretelling his peaceful passing—a coward's fate, and a great insult among his people. Seeking death, and fueled by rage, he rampaged across the land, slaughtering scores of great warriors and legendary beasts in search of any opponent who could stop him. Now a brutal enforcer for the Winter's Claw, he seeks his end in the great wars to come.

Olaf's Abilities

Berserker Rage

Berserker Rage ability icon

Olaf gains up to 60% - 100% Attack Speed and 10% - 25% Physical Vamp based on missing Health, with the maximum value reached at 70% missing Health.


Undertow ability icon
7s 45/50/55/60

Throws an axe, dealing 50/110/170/230 + 100% bonus AD of Physical Damage and 20/25/30/35% Slow for 2s. Enemy champions hit have their Armor reduced by 20% for 4s. Picking up the axe reduces Undertow's cooldown by 4.5s.

Vicious Strikes

Vicious Strikes ability icon
15/14/13/12s 30

Olaf gains 35/50/65/80% Attack Speed for 4s and grants himself a Shield that absorbs 35/70/105/140 +13% of missing Health for 2.5s, with the maximum amount capped at the value obtained with 70% missing Health.

Reckless Swing

Reckless Swing ability icon

Dashes to an enemy and deals 55/115/175/235 + 50% True Damage. If the enemy does not die, Olaf takes 18/36/54/72 + 15% True Damage.

His attacks reduce the cooldown of Reckless Swing by 1s. Deals 80% damage to monsters.


Ragnarok ability icon

Passive: gains 10/20/30 Armor and Magic Resist.

Active: becomes immune to crowd control and gains 5/15/25 + 20% Attack Damage for 4s. Also gains 20/45/70% Movement Speed when moving toward enemy champions for 1s upon cast. Ragnarok's duration is increased by 2.5s for each basic attack or cast of Reckless Swing against an enemy champion. Ragnarok can be cast while under the effects of crowd control.

A wanderer from the celestial dimensions beyond Mount Targon, Soraka gave up her immortality to protect the mortal races from their own more violent instincts. She endeavors to spread the virtues of compassion and mercy to everyone she meets—even healing those who would wish harm upon her. And, for all Soraka has seen of this world's struggles, she still believes the people of Runeterra have yet to reach their full potential.

Soraka's Abilities


Salvation ability icon

Soraka gains 100% Movement Speed when moving toward allied champions below 35% Health.


Starcall ability icon
7/6/5/4s 45/50/55/60

Calls a star, dealing 60/110/160/210 + 40% Magic Damage and 30% Slow for 2 seconds. If an enemy champion is hit, reduces the cooldown of Astral Infusion by 2 seconds, and Soraka also gains Rejuvenation, healing 60/90/120/150 + 45% Health over 2.5 seconds.

After healing any allied champion 3 times, Starcall is empowered to deal 140% damage in a larger area.

Astral Infusion

Astral Infusion ability icon
6/5/4/3s 55/60/65/70

Heals another allied champion for 50/85/120/155 + 55%. Excess healing is converted into a Shield, with a maximum value of 50/85/120/155 + 55%.


Equinox ability icon
20/18/16/14s 70

Creates a zone that deals 70/120/170/220 + 40% Magic Damage and silences enemies. The zone expires after 1.5 seconds, dealing 70/120/170/220 + 40% Magic Damage and rooting enemies for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.


Wish ability icon
85/80/75s 100

Heals all allied champions for 150/225/300 + 45%, increased by 50% if the ally is below 35% Health.

Fizz is an amphibious yordle, who dwells among the reefs surrounding Bilgewater. He often retrieves and returns the tithes cast into the sea by superstitious captains, but even the saltiest of sailors know better than to cross him—for many are the tales of those who have underestimated this slippery character. Often mistaken for some manner of capricious ocean spirit, he seems able to command the beasts of the deep, and delights in confounding his allies and enemies alike.

Fizz's Abilities

Seastone Trident

Seastone Trident ability icon

Attacks deal an additional 22 - 50 + 40% Magic Damage over 3s. Deals 105% damage to monsters.

Urchin Strike

Urchin Strike ability icon
8/7,5/7/6,5s 50

Dashes through target enemy, dealing 20/40/60/80 + 55% Magic Damage plus 100% Physical Damage and applying On-Hit Effects.

Rending Wave

Rending Wave ability icon
10/9,5/9/8,5s 30/40/50/60

Empowers the next attack to gush water around the target, dealing 50/75/100/125 + 50% additional Magic Damage and applying Seastone Trident to enemies hit. Additional attacks within 5s deal 10/15/20/25 + 35% additional Magic Damage per attack. Killing a unit with the first attack reduces Rending Wave's cooldown to 1s.

Playful / Trickster

Playful / Trickster ability icon
16/14/12/10s 85/90/95/100

Vaults to target location, becoming Untargetable while balanced on the trident. After 1,2s, Fizz hops down with a large splash that deals 80/150/220/290 + 80% Magic Damage and slows enemies hit by 40/45/50/55% for 2s. Re-cast: Hop down early towards a direction, but deal damage in a smaller splash that does not slow enemies.

Chum the Waters

Chum the Waters ability icon
85/70/55s 100

Launches a fish in target direction that attaches to the first champion hit and reveals them. After 2s, the fish attracts a shark that knocks up its target and knocks away enemies around them. The farther the fish travels, the larger the shark it will attract, dealing 150/250/350 + 60% to 300/400/500 + 120% Magic Damage and slowing enemies hit by 40% to 80% based on the size of the shark. If the fish does not attach to a champion, it will flop on the ground and still attract a shark at its location.

A dashing adventurer, unknowingly gifted in the magical arts, Ezreal raids long-lost catacombs, tangles with ancient curses, and overcomes seemingly impossible odds with ease. His courage and bravado knowing no bounds, he prefers to improvise his way out of any situation, relying partially on his wits, but mostly on his mystical Shuriman gauntlet, which he uses to unleash devastating arcane blasts. One thing is for sure—whenever Ezreal is around, trouble isn't too far behind. Or ahead. Probably everywhere.

Ezreal's Abilities

Rising Spell Force

Icon of the Rising Spell Force ability

Gains 10% Attack Speed for 8s when hitting enemies with abilities, stacking up to 4 times.

Mystic Shot

Icon of the Mystic Shot ability
5.3/4.5/3.8/3s 30/35/40/45

Fires a bolt, dealing 35/70/105/140 + 120% + 30% of Physical Damage. Hitting a target reduces Ezreal's other ability cooldowns by 1.5s. Applies On-hit Effects.

Essence Flux

Icon of the Essence Flux ability
12s 50

Fires an orb that sticks to a champion, epic monster or structure for 4s. Hitting the target with an attack or ability detonates the orb, dealing 80/155/230/305 + 60% bonus + 75/80/85/90% of Magic Damage and refunding 60/70/80/90 Mana.

Arcane Shift

Icon of the Arcane Shift ability
28/24/20/16s 90

Blinks to target location and fires a bolt, dealing 80/145/210/275 + 50% bonus + 75% of Magic Damage. Prioritizes enemies hit by Essence Flux, then the nearest enemy.

Trueshot Barrage

Icon of the Trueshot Barrage ability
70/65/60s 100

Fires an energy wave, dealing 350/500/650 + 100% of bonus + 90% of Magic Damage. Deals 50% reduced damage to minions and non-epic monsters.

Rengar is a ferocious vastayan trophy hunter who lives for the thrill of tracking down and killing dangerous creatures. He scours the world for the most fearsome beasts he can find, especially seeking any trace of Kha'Zix, the void creature who scratched out his eye. Rengar stalks his prey neither for food nor glory, but for the sheer beauty of the pursuit.

Rengar's Abilities

Unseen Predator

Unseen Predator ability icon

If Rengar is in brush or camouflaged, he will leap to the target within his next attack. If Rengar has no Ferocity he gains 1.

Bonetooth Necklace: Gains 1% – 25% Attack Damage for each unique champion takedown.

Gains 1 Ferocity upon casting a basic ability. Reaching 4 Ferocity enhances his next basic ability, allowing it to be cast separately from the base version. All Ferocity is lost upon leaving combat.


Savagery ability icon

Rengar's next 2 attacks within 3s gain 40% Attack Speed. The first attack is empowered to deal an additional 40/80/120/160 + 5/10/15/20% Physical Damage.

Ferocity: Gains 45% – 115% Attack Speed for 5s. The first attack deals an additional 40 - 250 + 40% Physical Damage.

Battle Roar

Battle Roar ability icon

Rengar roars, dealing 60/100/140/180 + 80% Magic Damage and healing for 60% of damage taken in the last 2s.

Ferocity: Deals 80 - 220 + 80% Magic Damage. Rengar also gains 40% - 60% Movement Speed for 2,5s and removes all crowd control effects from himself.

Bola Strike

Bola Strike ability icon

Throws a bola that deals 60/120/180/240 + 80% bonus Physical Damage and slows by 30/50/70/90% for 1,75s.

Ferocity: Deals 65 - 310 + 80% bonus Physical Damage and roots for 1,75s.

Thrill of the Hunt

Thrill of the Hunt ability icon

Gains 30/40/50% Move Speed and reveals the nearest enemy champion for 12/14/16s. Rengar becomes camouflaged after 1s and his next attacks shreds the target's armor by 16/24/32 for 4s.

Twisted Fate is an infamous cardsharp and swindler who has gambled and charmed his way across much of the known world, earning the enmity and admiration of the rich and foolish alike. He rarely takes things seriously, greeting each day with a mocking smile and an insouciant swagger. In every possible way, Twisted Fate always has an ace up his sleeve.

Twisted Fate Abilities

Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice ability icon

Gain 2 to 12 bonus gold upon killing a unit.

Wild Cards

Wild Cards ability icon
6s 60/70/80/90

Throws three cards, dealing 60/120/180/240 + 70% Magic Damage.

Pick A Card

Pick A Card ability icon
7/6,5/6/5,5s 40/60/80/100

First Cast: Start shuffling Twisted Fate's deck.

Second Cast: Pick a card to empower his next attack.

Red Cards deal 30/50/70/90 + 65% + 100% Magic Damage in an area and slow by 35/40/45/50% for 3s.

Blue Cards deal 40/65/90/115 + 80% + 100% Magic Damage and restore 60/90/120/150 Mana.

Gold Cards deal 15/25/35/45 + 50% + 100% Magic Damage and stun for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds.

Stacked Deck

Stacked Deck ability icon
17/16/15/14s 50

Passive: Gain 15/20/25/30% Attack Speed. Every 4th attack deals 60/90/120/150 + 45% bonus Magic Damage.

Active: Gain 40/45/50/55% Attack Speed for 3s. During this time, attacking enemy champions rolls Loaded Dice.


Destiny ability icon
110/95/80s 100

First Cast: Reveals all enemy champions for 6/7/8s.

Second Cast: Channel for 1.5s to teleport to target location.

Born to a Targonian Aspect at the height of the Rune Wars, Kayle honored her mother's legacy by fighting for justice on wings of divine flame. She and her twin sister Morgana were the protectors of Demacia for many years—until Kayle became disillusioned with the repeated failings of mortals, and abandoned this realm altogether. Still, legends are told of her punishing the unjust with her fiery swords, and many hope that she will one day return…

Kayle's Abilities

Divine Ascent

Icon of the Divine Ascent ability

Kayle ascends as she gains levels.

Level 1: Attack grants 4% + 1% Attack Speed for 5s, stacking up to 5 times. Gains 8% Movement Speed at max stacks.

Level 5: Attack range is increased to 525.

Level 10: Attacks fire waves of flame at max stacks, dealing passive damage of Starfire Spellblade.

Level 15: Attack range is increased to 575 and the bonus from reaching max stacks becomes permanent.

Radiant Blast

Icon of the Radiant Blast ability
11/10/9/8s 80/85/90/95

Launches a celestial sword, dealing 60/110/160/210 + 60% bonus AD + 50% Magic Damage. Enemies hit are slowed by 26/34/42/50% for 2s and their Armor and Magic Resist is reduced by 15% for 4s.

Celestial Blessing

Icon of the Celestial Blessing ability
14s 85/90/95/100

Heals herself and an allied champion for 70/110/150/190 + 30% and grant them 25/30/35/40% + 8% Movement Speed for 2s.

Starfire Spellblade

Icon of the Starfire Spellblade ability

Passive: Attacks deal 12/15/18/21 + 10% bonus AD + 15% additional Magic Damage.

Active: Empowers her next attack to become ranged and deal additional magic damage equal to 8/9/10/11% + 2% of the targets' missing health.

When Kayle reaches level 10, Starfire Spellblade affects all nearby enemies.

Divine Judgment

Icon of the Divine Judgment ability

Grants Invulnerability to an allied champion for 2.5s. Blades rain down around the target, dealing 150/275/400 + 100% bonus AD + 80% Magic Damage.

Ornn is the Freljordian spirit of forging and craftsmanship. He works in the solitude of a massive smithy, hammered out from the lava caverns beneath the volcano Hearth-Home. There he stokes bubbling cauldrons of molten rock to purify ores and fashion items of unsurpassed quality. When other deities—especially Volibear—walk the earth and meddle in mortal affairs, Ornn arises to put these impetuous beings back in their place, either with his trusty hammer or the fiery power of the mountains themselves.

Ornn's Abilities

Living Forge

Living Forge ability icon

Ornn can spend gold to forge items anywhere on the map.

Ornn receives an additional 7% - 22% bonus from all sources.

Upon reaching level 7, crafting items with Living Forge grants a nearby ally 5 stacks of Living Forge, allowing them to purchase items anywhere on the map. This effect stacks up to 15x and can be triggered every 3 levels (level 7/10/13).

Volcanic Rupture

Volcanic Rupture ability icon
9/8.5/8/7.5s 45

Ornn slams the ground, creating a fissure dealing 15/50/85/120 + 110% physical damage and slowing by 55% for 2s. A pillar of rock forms at the fissure's end for 4s.

The fissure stops shortly after hitting an enemy champion.

Bellows Breath

Bellows Breath ability icon
11.5/11/10.5/10s 45

Ornn stomps forward Unstoppably while breathing fire, dealing 10/11/12/13% max Health magic damage over 0.75 seconds. Enemies hit by the final bout of flame become Brittle for 3 seconds.

Immobilizing effects on Brittle targets have their duration increased by 30% and deal an additional 5% max Health magic damage (5-20% ). Ornn's Attacks against Brittle targets Knock them Back, dealing additional damage.

Deals a minimum of 80/130/180/230 magic damage to minions, and a max of 155/190/225/260 magic damage to jungle monsters. Immobilizing deals a maximum of 250 damage to monsters.

Searing Charge

Searing Charge ability icon
13/12/11/10s 35

Ornn charges, dealing 80 physical damage (80/140/200/260 + 40% bonus + 40% bonus ). If Ornn rams into terrain, he creates a shockwave that Knocks Up enemies for 1.25 seconds and applies the same damage to those in the area.
Ornn's charge destroys magma pillars and terrain created by enemies and reduces the cooldown of this skill by 25%.

Call of the Forge God

Call of the Forge God ability icon
90/80/70s 100

Ornn summons a massive lava elemental, which stampedes towards him, dealing 125 magic damage (125/175/225 + 20% ), and applies Brittle for 3 seconds. The elemental also slows by up to 40/50/60% for 2 seconds, based on Ornn's level.

Ornn can recast this to dash with a headbutt. If he dashes into the elemental, he redirects and empowers it, causing it to Knock Up the first champion hit for 1 second and subsequent champions for 0.5 seconds. The elemental also deals 125 magic damage (125/175/225 + 20% ) and reapplies Brittle.

The yordle mage Lulu is known for conjuring dreamlike illusions and fanciful creatures as she roams Runeterra with her fairy companion Pix. Lulu shapes reality on a whim, warping the fabric of the world, and what she views as the constraints of this mundane, physical realm. While others might consider her magic at best unnatural, and at worst dangerous, she believes everyone could use a touch of enchantment.

Lulu's Abilities

Pix, Faerie Companion

Icon of the ability Pix, Faerie Companion

Pix fires a barrage of 3 bolts that deal a total of 15 - 120 + 15% of Magic Damage when Lulu attacks an enemy unit. These bolts can be blocked by other units. Pix can attach to other Champions with some of Lulu's abilities, revealing enemies or aiding their attacks instead of Lulu's.


Icon of the ability Glitterlance
7s 50/55/60/65

Lulu and Pix each fire a piercing bolt that deals 50/85/120/155 + 30% of Magic Damage to the first enemy hit and 70% damage to additional enemies. Enemies hit are slowed by 80%, decaying over the next 2s.


Icon of the ability Whimsy
17/16/15/14s 65

Pix creates a faerie ring, attaching to the first champion that enters for 5s and casting an additional effect on them.

On Allies: Grants 20% + 5% of Movement Speed and 25/30/35/40% Attack Speed for 3.5/4/4.5/5s.

On Enemies: Polymorphs the enemy for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75s, disabling them from attacking or casting abilities and reducing their base Movement Speed to 60. Reveals while connected.

Pix's ring will prioritize polymorphing enemies over speeding up allies.

Help, Pix!

Icon of the ability Help, Pix!
10s 60/70/80/90

Attaches Pix to target enemy or ally champion for 5s.

On Allies: Grants a shield that absorbs 75/110/145/180 + 60% damage for 2.5s.

On Enemies: Deals 80/120/160/200 + 40% of Magic Damage and grants Magic Vision of them.

Wild Growth

Icon of the ability Wild Growth
75/60/45s 100

Enlarges an ally champion, knocking nearby enemies into the air for 0.75s. For the next 7s, the ally champion grants 250/400/550 + 50% bonus Health and slow nearby enemies by 30%.

Lucian, a Sentinel of Light, is a grim hunter of undying spirits, pursuing them relentlessly and annihilating them with his twin relic pistols. After the wraith Thresh slew his wife, Lucian embarked on the path of vengeance—but even with her return to life, his rage is undiminished. Merciless and single-minded, Lucian will stop at nothing to protect the living from the long-dead horrors of the Black Mist.

Lucian's Abilities


Icon of the Lightslinger ability

After using an Ability, Lucian's next attack within 3.5 seconds will fire two shots. The second shot deals 50% - 60% of Physical Damage. This value increases to 100% against minions. The second shot is a separate attack that applies On-Hit Effects and can Critically Strike.

Piercing Light

Icon of the Piercing Light ability
9.5/8/6.5/5s 50/60/70/80

Shoots a bolt of piercing light through an enemy unit, dealing 110/150/190/230 + 60/80/100/120% of Physical Damage in a straight line.

Ardent Blaze

Icon of the Ardent Blaze ability
13/12/11/10s 70

Fires a shot that explodes at the end of its range or on the first enemy hit, dealing 75/120/165/210 + 90% of Magic Damage, revealing enemies briefly and marking them for 6 seconds. When Lucian or an ally damage a marked enemy, Lucian gains 65/70/75/80 Movement Speed for 1 second.

Relentless Pursuit

Icon of the Relentless Pursuit ability
22/19/16/13s 45/30/15/0

Quickly dashes a short distance. Cooldown is reduced by 1 second whenever Lucian hits an enemy with Lightslinger (2 seconds for champions).

The Culling

Icon of The Culling ability
70/65/60s 100

Fires rapidly in a direction for 3 seconds. Each shot deals 20/40/60 + 25% + 10% of Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. Lucian can use Relentless Pursuit during The Culling. Recast to cancel early. Minions take 200% damage from The Culling.

Intensely shy, the fae fawn Lillia skittishly wanders Ionia's forests. Hiding just out of sight of mortals—whose mysterious natures have long captivated, but intimidated, her—Lillia hopes to discover why their dreams no longer reach the ancient Dreaming Tree. She now travels Ionia with a magical branch in hand, in an effort to find people's unrealized dreams. Only then can Lillia herself bloom and help others untangle their fears to find the sparkle within. Eep!

Lillia's Abilities

Dream-Laden Bough

Icon of the Dream-Laden Bough ability

Lillia's abilities apply Dream Dust, dealing 6% + 1.2% of Max Health as Magic Damage over 3s. Over the duration, Lillia restores 20 - 76 + 6% Health against large jungle monsters and 10 - 108 + 15% Health against Champions. Dream Dust's damage is capped at 60 - 144 damage over the duration against jungle monsters. Dream Dust's healing is 33% effective for each source beyond the first. Dream Dust can only heal from one monster at a time.

Blooming Blows

Icon of the Blooming Blows ability
5.5/5/4.5/4s 65

Passive: Lillia's Ability hits grant 3/4/5/6% + 2% Move Speed for 6s, stacking up to 4 times.

Active: Lillia whirls her censer, dealing 35/50/65/80 + 35% Magic Damage and an additional 35/50/65/80 + 35% True Damage at the outer edge. Blooming Blows deals 110% damage to monsters.

Watch Out! Eep!

Icon of the Watch Out! Eep! ability
14/13/12/11s 65

Lillia winds up a huge strike, dealing 60/100/140/180 + 40% Magic Damage in an area. Enemies in the center take 120/200/280/360 + 80% Magic Damage instead. Deals 50% damage to minions.


Icon of the Swirlseed ability
15s 70

Lillia lobs a swirlseed overhead, dealing 70/105/140/175 + 45% Magic Damage where it lands and revealing enemies, Slowing them by 40% for 3s. If no enemies are hit, the seed rolls until it hits an enemy or collides with terrain.

Lilting Lullaby

Icon of the Lilting Lullaby ability
100/85/70s 50

Lillia causes all enemy champions with Dream Dust to become Drowsy for 1.5s. Afterward, they fall Asleep for 2/2.3/2.5s. When awakened by damage, they take an additional 100/150/200 + 40% Magic Damage.

Once a criminal from the mean streets of Zaun, Vi is a hotheaded, impulsive, and fearsome woman with only a very loose respect for authority figures. Growing up all but alone, Vi developed finely honed survival instincts as well as a wickedly abrasive sense of humor. Now working with the Wardens of Piltover to keep the peace, she wields mighty hextech gauntlets that can punch through walls and suspects with equal ease.

Vi Abilities

Denting Blows

Denting Blows ability icon

Every 3rd attack on the same enemy deals 4.2% - 7% + 3% bonus AD of the target's max Health as Physical Damage bonus, reduces the target's Armor by 20% and grants Vi 27% - 55% Attack Speed for 4s. Deals a maximum of 300 damage against monsters.

Vault Breaker

Vault Breaker ability icon
10/9/8/7s 50/60/70/80

Hold: charges up a powerful punch, reducing own Movement Speed by 15% while increasing the punch's damage and dash distance.

Cast: dashes straight forward to deal 55/90/125/160 + 80% bonus AD to 110/180/250/320 + 160% bonus AD of Physical Damage and apply Denting Blows to all enemies hit. Colliding with an enemy Champion stops the punch and pushes the target. Deals 75% damage against minions and monsters.

Blast Shield

Blast Shield ability icon
12/11/10/9s 30/20/10/0

Passive: hitting an enemy with an attack or ability grants a stack of Blast Shield, up to a maximum of 5 stacks.

Active: generates a Shield that absorbs 60/85/110/135 damage for 3s. Each stack consumed reinforces the shield by a value equivalent to 1.5/2/2.5/3% of max Health. The maximum stacks also grant a burst of 47% Movement Speed. Blast Shield stacks fall off one at a time, and each attack or ability adds a maximum of 1 stack.

Excessive Force

Excessive Force ability icon
1s 20/30/40/50

Empowers Vi's next attack to deal 10/35/60/85 + 15% + 70% of Physical Damage bonus to the target and enemies behind it. Vi stores a new charge every 14/12/10/8s, can hold 2 charges at once.

Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery ability icon
80/65/50s 100

Chases down an enemy Champion, throwing them into the air for 1.25s and dealing 150/300/450 + 140% bonus AD of Physical Damage. Vi reveals the target and cannot be stopped during the chase. Enemies in the way are pushed aside and suffer 75% of the damage.

The Void grows, and the Void adapts—in none of its myriad spawn are these truths more apparent than Kha'Zix. Evolution drives the core of this mutating horror, born to survive and to slay the strong. Where it struggles to do so, it grows new, more effective ways to counter and kill its prey. Initially a mindless beast, Kha'Zix's intelligence has developed as much as its form. Now, the creature plans out its hunts, and even utilizes the visceral terror it engenders in its victims.

Kha’Zix Abilities

Unseen Threat

Unseen Threat ability icon

Enhances next attack against enemy champions to deal an additional 14 - 126 + 40% bonus AD as Magic Damage and slow by 25% for 2s. Unseen Threat is refreshed when the enemy team loses sight of Kha’Zix.

Taste Their Fear

Taste Their Fear ability icon
5/4.5/4/3.5s 20

Slashes with his claws, dealing 55/90/125/160 + 130% bonus AD as Physical Damage. If the target is isolated, the damage is increased by 100%.

Evolved Reaper Claws: Attacks and Taste Their Fear gain 50 range and 30% of Taste Their Fear's cooldown is refunded against isolated targets.

Units without allied units or structures nearby are considered isolated.

Void Spike

Void Spike ability icon
9s 55/60/65/70

Fires spikes that deal 80/120/160/200 + 100% bonus AD as Physical Damage. Heals for 40/75/110/145 + 50% if within the explosion radius.

Evolved Spike Racks: Fires two additional spikes, revealing enemies and applying 60% slow for 2s.


Leap ability icon
18/16/14/12s 50

Leaps to target area, dealing 65/110/155/200 + 20% bonus AD as Physical Damage.

Evolved Wings: Gain 250 range on Leap. Leap's cooldown is reset on champion takedowns.

Void Assault

Void Assault ability icon
70/60/50s 100

Passive: Each rank in Void Assault allows Kha’Zix to evolve one of his abilities.

Active: Becomes invisible and gains 40% Movement Speed for 1.25s. Void Assault can be cast again within 10s.

Evolved Adaptive Cloaking: Invisibility duration is increased to 2s and can be cast up to three times.

A prodigy from the rough streets of Zaun, Ekko manipulates time to twist any situation to his advantage. Using his own invention, the Zero Drive, he explores the branching possibilities of reality to craft the perfect moment. Though he revels in this freedom, when there's a threat to his friends he'll do anything to defend them. To outsiders, Ekko seems to achieve the impossible the first time, every time.

Ekko's Abilities

Z-Drive Resonance

Z-Drive Resonance ability icon

Every third attack or damaging ability against the same target deals an additional 30 - 142 + 70% Magic Damage. If the target was a champion, Ekko gains 40% - 70% Move Speed for 2.5 seconds.

Deals 140% damage to monsters. Cannot affect the same target for 5 seconds.


Timewinder ability icon
9/8.5/8/7.5s 50/60/70/80

Throws a temporal device, dealing 60/80/100/120 + 30% Magic Damage. On hitting a champion or the distance limit, it expands into a field that slows by 30/40/50/60%. The device then returns to Ekko, dealing 40/75/110/145 + 60% Magic Damage.

Parallel Convergence

Parallel Convergence ability icon
20/18/16/14s 35/40/45/50

Passive: Attacks against Low Health targets deal an additional 3% + 2% missing Health Magic Damage.

Active: Launches a chronosphere that lasts 1.5 seconds, slowing by 40%. If Ekko enters the sphere it detonates, stunning for 2.25 seconds and granting Ekko a shield that absorbs 70/100/130/160 + 150% damage for 2 seconds.

Phase Dive

Phase Dive ability icon
9/8.5/8/7.5s 45/50/55/60

Dashes in a target direction. Ekko's next attack within 3 seconds gains 250 range and causes Ekko to blink to his target and deal an additional 60/90/120/150 + 40% Magic Damage.


Chronobreak ability icon
80/60/40s 100

Becomes untargetable and returns to his position 3.5 seconds ago and heals for 100/150/200 + 50%, increased by 3% per 1% of health lost within 3.5 seconds.

Upon arrival, Ekko deals 200/350/500 + 150% Magic Damage to enemies.

A peerless practitioner of lethal shadow magic, Shieda Kayn battles to achieve his true destiny—to one day lead the Order of Shadow into a new era of Ionian supremacy. He wields the sentient darkin weapon Rhaast, undeterred by its creeping corruption of his body and mind. There are only two possible outcomes: either Kayn bends the weapon to his will... or the malevolent blade consumes him completely, paving the way for the destruction of all Runeterra.

Kayn Abilities

The Darkin Scythe

Icon of The Darkin Scythe ability

Kayn, the Shadow Assassin, fights against Rhaast, the Darkin, for control.

Dealing damage to ranged Champions charges the Shadow Assassin, and dealing damage to melee Champions charges the Darkin. At full charge, Kayn can permanently transform at his base.

Shadow Assassin: after Kayn spends 5s without taking damage from Champions, his attacks and abilities deal an additional 44%-58% of Magic Damage to enemy Champions for 3s.

Darkin: Kayn heals himself for 20%-34% of the Physical Damage dealt to Champions.

Reaping Slash

Icon of Reaping Slash ability
6.5/6/5.5/5s 50

Dashes and deals 70/100/130/160 + 60/65/70/75% bonus AD of Physical Damage, then spins his scythe and deals the same damage.

Darkin: instead, deals 60/65/70/75% plus [6 + 6% bonus AD]% of the target's maximum health as Physical Damage.

Deals 35 additional Physical Damage to minions and monsters. Total damage to monsters capped at 235/310/385/460.

Blade's Reach

Icon of Blade's Reach ability
12/11/10/9s 50/60/70/80

Swipes the scythe upward, dealing 90/150/210/270 + 130% bonus AD of Physical Damage and 90% Slow to enemies hit, decaying over 1.5s.

Shadow Assassin: the range of the ability is increased and Kayn can move while using it.

Darkin: the ability also knocks up enemies hit for 1s.

Shadow Step

Icon of Shadow Step ability
18s 50

Gains 35% Movement Speed and can move through terrain for 5/5.5/6/6.5s. Upon entering terrain for the first time, Kayn restores 100/120/140/160 + 50% bonus AD of Health.

Being immobilized or spending more than 1.2s outside of terrain or in combat with enemy Champions ends the ability early.

Shadow Assassin: instead, gains 75% Movement Speed and immunity to Slow. Reduces the Cooldown to 7s.

Umbral Trespass

Icon of Umbral Trespass ability
80/70/60s 100

Infests an enemy Champion for 2.5s, becoming Untargetable. When the infestation ends, the target is dealt 200/300/400 + 175% bonus AD of Physical Damage. Re-cast: Ends the infestation early.

Shadow Assassin: Increases the range of the Ability, the distance Kayn travels when exiting, and resets the Cooldown of The Darkin Scythe upon exit.

Darkin: instead, deals [15 + 13% bonus AD]% of the target's maximum health as Physical Damage, and Kayn heals himself for [10 + 10% bonus AD]% of the target's maximum health.

Idolized by many, dismissed by some, mystifying to all, the curious being Rammus is an enigma. Protected by a spiked shell, he inspires increasingly disparate theories on his origin wherever he goes—from demigod, to sacred oracle, to a mere beast transformed by magic. Whatever the truth may be, Rammus keeps his own counsel and stops for no one as he roams the Shuriman desert.

Rammus Abilities

Rolling Armordillo

Rolling Armordillo ability icon

While out of combat, gain 32 - 60 Movement Speed, increased to 35 + Level Ă— 2 during Powerball. Exit combat after 5 seconds without taking damage or using abilities.


Powerball ability icon
15/12/9/6s 65

Accelerates up to 110% - 180% additional Movement Speed over 6 seconds. Colliding with an enemy deals 80/110/140/170 + 100% Magic Damage in an area, knocking back and slowing enemies by 40/50/60/70% for 1 second. Activation cancels Defensive Ball Curl and puts it on cooldown.

Defensive Ball Curl

Defensive Ball Curl ability icon
6s 40

Spiked Shell: Attacks deal 10/12/14/16 +8% of Armor additional Magic Damage.

Active: Brace for up to 6 seconds, gaining 30 +55/60/65/70% of Armor Armor and 10 +35/40/45/50% of Magic Resist Magic Resist. While Rammus is bracing, Spiked Shell deals 50% more damage and also affects enemies that attack Rammus. Deals 175% damage to monsters. Activating this ability cancels Powerball, which will go on cooldown.

Frenzying Taunt

Frenzying Taunt ability icon
15/14/13/12s 50

Taunts an enemy champion or monster for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds and gains 35/45/55/65% Attack Speed that decays over 5 seconds.

Soaring Slam

Soaring Slam ability icon
95/80/65s 100

Leap into the air and slam down dealing 75/150/225 + 50% Magic Damage and creating aftershocks for 4 seconds. The aftershocks deal 30/45/60 + 20% Magic Damage every second and slow enemies incrementally by 10/12/14%, stacking up to 50/60/70%. If used during Powerball, Powerball's effects are applied at the center of the landing area.

Soaring Slam's range increases with Movement Speed. Soaring Slam damages structures.

The most feared duelist in all Valoran, Fiora is as renowned for her brusque manner and cunning mind as she is for the speed of her bluesteel rapier. Born to House Laurent in the kingdom of Demacia, Fiora took control of the family from her father in the wake of a scandal that nearly destroyed them. House Laurent's reputation was sundered, but Fiora bends her every effort to restore her family's honor and return them to their rightful place among the great and good of Demacia.

Fiora's Abilities

Duelist's Dance

Duelist's Dance ability icon

Reveals Vitals on nearby enemy champions. Striking a Vital deals (3 + 0.055% bonus)% of the target's max Health as True Damage, heals Fiora for 45 - 115 and grants her 30/40/50/60% Movement Speed (based on Grand Challenge's rank), decaying over 1.75 seconds. New Vitals are revealed after striking one, or after 16.75 seconds.


Lunge ability icon
12/10/8/6s 20/25/30/35

Lunges and stabs a nearby enemy, dealing 85/95/105/115 + 100/105/110/115% bonus Physical Damage in an area. Hitting an enemy refunds 50% of the cooldown. Lunge prioritizes Vitals and enemies it will kill. Applies on-hit effects to the primary target. This ability can deal damage to turrets.


Riposte ability icon
18/16/14/12s 50

Parries all incoming damage and debuffs for the next 0.75 seconds. Then stabs in the target direction, dealing 120/170/220/270 + 100% Magic Damage to the first enemy champion, slowing their Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 50% for 1.5 seconds. Riposte stuns instead of slows if it parries an immobilizing effect.


Bladework ability icon
11/9/7/5s 40/45/50/55

Empowers the next 2 attacks with 60% Attack Speed. The first attack applies a 30% slow for 1 second, but cannot critically strike. The second attack always critically strikes for 170/180/190/200% physical damage.

Grand Challenge

Grand Challenge ability icon
70/60/50s 100

Reveals all 4 Vitals on an enemy champion for 8 seconds and grants Duelist's Dance's Move Speed while near them. Striking all 4 Vitals in 8 seconds or if the target dies after at least one hit-heals Fiora and nearby allies for 80/110/140 + 60% bonus each second. The heal persists for 2 to 5 seconds, scaling with the number of Vitals hit. Striking all 4 Vitals deals 12% max health true damage.

Once an unwilling host to the Aspect of War, Atreus survived when the celestial power within him was slain, refusing to succumb to a blow that tore stars from the heavens. In time, he learned to embrace the power of his own mortality, and the stubborn resilience that goes along with it. Atreus now opposes the divine as Pantheon reborn, his unbreakable will fueling the fallen Aspect's weapons on the field of battle.

Pantheon's Abilities

Mortal Will

Mortal Will ability icon

Pantheon's next basic ability is enhanced after 5 attacks or abilities.

Comet Spear

Comet Spear ability icon
9,5/9/8,5/8s 40

Tap Cast: Stabs forward, dealing 70/110/150/190 + 120% bonus AD of Physical Damage. Refunds 60% of Comet Spear's cooldown.

Charge Cast: Hurl the spear, dealing the same damage to the first enemy hit and 50% less to subsequent targets. Enemies below 35% Health are critically hit for 110/200/290/380 + 165% bonus AD of Physical Damage.

Mortal Will: Deals an additional 30 – 240 + 120% bonus AD of Physical Damage.

Damage to minions is 20% less.

Shield Vault

Shield Vault ability icon
12/11/10/9s 55

Dash to an enemy, stunning for 1s and dealing 70/120/170/220 + 100% of Physical Damage.

Mortal Will: Follows up with an attack that strikes 3 times, dealing a total of 135% - 165% of Physical Damage.

Aegis Assault

Aegis Assault ability icon
15/14/13/12s 80

Block all non-tower damage from a direction for 1.5s and deal 100% of Physical Damage to nearby enemies. At the end slam forward and deal 60/120/180/240 + 150% bonus AD of Physical Damage.

Mortal Will: When Pantheon slams his shield he gains 60% Move Speed for 1.5s.

Pantheon is slowed by up to 50% when moving away from the blocking direction. Recast to end early. Damage to minions is reduced by 50%.

Grand Starfall

Grand Starfall ability icon
95/85/75s 100

Passive: Gains 10/20/30% Armor Penetration.

Active: Gather strength to leap high into the air. Throws a spear from above which in a small area deals Comet Spear damage and slows by 50% for 2s. Then crashes down at the target area. Deals up to 300/500/700 + 100% of Magic Damage.

Grand Starfall instantly readies Mortal Will. Damage is decreased by up to 50% at the edge of the landing area.

Once a curious girl of flesh and blood, Orianna is now a technological marvel comprised entirely of clockwork. She became gravely ill after an accident in the lower districts of Zaun, and her failing body had to be replaced with exquisite artifice, piece by piece. Accompanied by an extraordinary brass sphere she built for companionship and protection, Orianna is now free to explore the wonders of Piltover, and beyond.

Orianna's Abilities

Clockwork Windup

Icon of the Clockwork Windup ability

Orianna's Ball acts as a focal point for her abilities. It automatically returns to her if she is too far away from it. Her attacks deal 13 - 55 + 15% additional Magic Damage. Subsequent attacks against the same target within 4 seconds deal an additional 3 - 11 + 3% Magic Damage. Stacks up to 2 times.

Command: Attack

Icon of the Command: Attack ability
7,5/6/4,5/3s 30/40/50/60

Commands the Ball to fire toward a target location, dealing 60/100/140/180 + 45% Magic Damage to targets along the way. The damage decreases by 10% for each unit it hits (Minimum 50%). The Ball remains at the target location afterward.

Command: Dissonance

Icon of the Command: Dissonance ability
7s 70/80/90/100

Commands the Ball to release an electric pulse, dealing 60/110/160/210 + 70% Magic Damage to nearby enemies. The pulse leaves behind an energy field for 3 seconds, slowing enemies by 20/25/30/35% and speeding allies up by 20/25/30/35% for 2 seconds. The effect diminishes over time.

Command: Protect

Icon of the Command: Protect ability
9s 60

Passive: The Ball grants 10/15/20/25 Armor and Magic Resist to the champion it is attached to.

Active: Commands the Ball to attach to an allied champion, granting a Shield that absorbs 60/110/160/210 + 40% damage for 4 seconds and dealing 50/90/130/170 + 30% Magic Damage to enemies it passes through.

Command: Shockwave

Icon of the Command: Shockwave ability
75/65/55s 100

Commands the Ball to unleash a shockwave, dealing 150/225/300 + 70% Magic Damage and launching nearby enemies toward the Ball after a brief delay.

Equal parts jolly and imposing, Gragas is a massive, rowdy brewmaster on his own quest for the perfect pint of ale. Hailing from parts unknown, he now searches for rare ingredients among the unblemished wastes of the Freljord, trying each recipe as he goes. Often intoxicated and extremely impulsive, he is legendary for the brawls he starts, which often end in all-night parties and widespread property damage. Any appearance from Gragas must surely foreshadow drinking and destruction—in that order.

Gragas Abilities

Happy Hour

Happy Hour ability icon

Casting an ability restores health equivalent to 7% of Maximum Health.

Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll ability icon
9.5/8.5/7.5/6.5s 65/70/75/80

Rolls a cask to a target location. The cask explodes upon re-casting the ability or after 3s. Enemies hit suffer 65/120/175/230 + 70% of Magic Damage and are slowed by 30/35/40/45% for 2s. The amount of damage and Slow increases up to 150% over the first 1.5s. The cask reveals the area and deals 50% damage to minions.

Drunken Rage

Drunken Rage ability icon
5s 20

Reduces damage taken by 8/11/14/17% + 4% for 2.5s.

The next attack within 5s after drinking is empowered to hit nearby enemies with additional Magic Damage equal to 20/60/100/140 + 75% plus 7% of the targets' Maximum Health.

Body Slam

Body Slam ability icon
15/14/13/12s 50

Charges forward and collides with the first enemy hit, dealing 80/145/210/275 + 70% of Magic Damage to nearby enemies. Also pushes hit enemies backwards, stunning them for 1s.

Upon colliding with an enemy, Body Slam's Cooldown is reduced by 3s. There is a minimum Cooldown of 1.25s.

Explosive Cask

Explosive Cask ability icon
85/70/55s 100

Throws a potent cask that explodes upon landing, dealing 200/300/400 + 70% of Magic Damage and knocking enemies away from the explosion's center. The cask has a fixed travel time.

As mercurial as he is charming, Rakan is an infamous vastayan troublemaker and the greatest battle-dancer in Lhotlan tribal history. To the humans of the Ionian highlands, his name has long been synonymous with wild festivals, uncontrollable parties, and anarchic music. Few would suspect this energetic, traveling showman is also partner to the rebel Xayah, and is dedicated to her cause.

Rakan's Abilities

Fey Feathers

Fey Feathers ability icon

Every 40 - 14.8 seconds, gains a Shield with 31 - 255 + 80% of Health. Attacks and abilities that hit enemy Champions reduce this Cooldown by 1 second. Lover's Leap: Xayah and Rakan can join each other's recall. Both will return to the Summoning Platform when the first recall initiated is completed.

Gleaming Quill

Gleaming Quill ability icon
12/11/10/9s 60

Flings a magical feather that deals 80/140/200/260 + 60% of Magic Damage to the first enemy hit. If the feather hits a Champion or an epic monster, Rakan restores, 22 - 120 + 70% of his own Health and the Health of nearby allies after 3 seconds or when he touches an ally.

Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance ability icon
18/17/16/15s 50/60/70/80

Dashes to a location. Upon arrival, Rakan leaps, dealing 70/135/200/265 + 55% of Magic Damage and knocking up enemies for 1 second.

Battle Dance

Battle Dance ability icon
20/18/16/14s 60/70/80/90

Flies to an allied Champion, granting them a Shield that absorbs 35/70/105/140 + 65% of damage for 3 seconds. The ability can be cast again for free within 5 seconds. When cast on Xayah, the shield is increased by 25% and the Cooldown is reduced.

The Quickness

The Quickness ability icon
80/70/60s 100

Gains 60% Movement Speed for 4 seconds. Touching enemies deals 100/200/300 + 50% of Magic Damage and charms them for 1/1.25/1.5 second(s). This may only occur once per unit. The first champion charmed grants Rakan 75% Movement Speed that decays over time.

Unmatched in both his skill with unique armaments and his biting sarcasm, Jax is the last known weapons master of Icathia. After his homeland was laid low by its own hubris in unleashing the Void, Jax and his kind vowed to protect what little remained. As magic now rises in the world, this slumbering threat stirs once more, and Jax roams Valoran, wielding the last light of Icathia and testing all warriors he meets to see if any are strong enough to stand beside him...

Jax Abilities

Relentless Assault

Relentless Assault ability icon

Attacks against Champions and minions grant 5% - 19% Attack Speed for 3s (Max 5 stacks).

Leap Strike

Leap Strike ability icon
7,5/7/6,5/6s 65

Leaps to target unit, dealing 70/125/180/235 + 100% bonus + 60% Physical Damage if it is an enemy.


Empower ability icon
6/5/4/3s 30

Empowers the next attack or Leap Strike to deal an additional 55/100/145/190 + 60% Magic Damage.

Counter Strike

Counter Strike ability icon
12.5/11/9.5/8s 60/70/80/90

Enters a defensive stance, dodging all incoming attacks and taking 25% reduced damage from champions for 2s. After this duration, nearby enemies are stunned for 1s and take 55/90/125/160 + 50% bonus Physical Damage. Each attack dodged increases this damage by 20% (up to 100%).

Re-cast: Ends the defensive stance early to damage and stun nearby enemies immediately.

Grandmaster's Might

Grandmaster's Might ability icon
55s 100

Passive: Every third consecutive attack deals an additional 100/140/180 + 70% Magic Damage.

Active: Jax stops holding back, gaining 30/50/70 + 50% bonus Armor and 30/50/70 + 20% Magic Resist for 8s.

A master of Ionia's ancient martial arts, Lee Sin is a principled fighter who channels the essence of the dragon spirit to face any challenge. Though he lost his sight many years ago, the warrior-monk has devoted his life to protecting his homeland against any who would dare upset its sacred balance. Enemies who underestimate his meditative demeanor will endure his fabled burning fists and blazing roundhouse kicks.

Lee Sin's Abilities


Flurry ability icon

Lee Sin's abilities grant him 40% Attack Speed for 2 attacks within 3s. The first attack restores 20 - 40 Energy and the second restores half of that amount.

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike ability icon
9/8/7/6s 50

Sonic Wave: Fires an energy wave that deals 55/90/125/160 + 105% bonus AD Physical Damage to an enemy and reveals them. Hitting an enemy allows Resonating Strike to be cast within 3s.

Resonating Strike: Dash to enemy marked by Sonic Wave, dealing from 55/90/125/160 + 105% bonus AD to 110/180/250/320 + 210% bonus AD Physical Damage, based on the target's missing Health.

Safeguard / Iron Will

Safeguard / Iron Will ability icon
17/16/15/14s 50

Safeguard: Dashes to target location. If an enemy is nearby on arrival, Lee Sin shields himself for 60/120/180/240 + 100% for 2s. Allows Iron Will to be cast within 3s. Safeguard's cooldown is reduced by 0.5s with each attack.

Iron Will: Empowers next two attacks to deal an additional 26/39/52/65 + 40% Magic Damage and gain 16/24/32/40% Omnivamp.

Tempest / Cripple

Tempest / Cripple ability icon
8s 50

Tempest: Deals 90/140/190/240 + 125% bonus AD Magic Damage to nearby enemies and reveals them for 3s. Hitting an enemy allows Cripple to be cast within 3s.

Cripple: Slows enemies hit by Tempest by 30/40/50/60% decaying over the course of 4s.

Dragon's Rage

Dragon's Rage ability icon

Kicks an enemy champion, dealing 200/425/650 + 200% bonus AD Physical Damage and knocking it away.

Deals physical damage equal to 200/425/650 + 200% bonus AD plus 12/15/18% of the kicked champion's bonus Health to enemies hit by the kicked champion and knocks them up for 1s.

Conflicted between her celestial and mortal natures, Morgana bound her wings to embrace humanity, and inflicts her pain and bitterness upon the dishonest and the corrupt. She rejects laws and traditions she believes are unjust, and fights for truth from the shadows of Demacia—even as others seek to repress it—by casting shields and chains of dark fire. More than anything else, Morgana truly believes that even the banished and outcast may one day rise again.

Morgana's Abilities

Soul Siphon

Soul Siphon ability icon

Morgana heals for 20% of the damage dealt with abilities against champions, large minions and large monsters.

Dark Binding

Dark Binding ability icon
9s 55/60/65/70

Fires a bolt of dark energy, rooting the first enemy hit for 2 seconds and dealing 80/160/240/320 + 90% of Magic Damage.

Tormented Shadow

Tormented Shadow ability icon
12s 70/90/110/130

Curse an area for 5 seconds, dealing 7/12/17/22 + 7% of Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies within, increased by up to 170% based on their missing health.

Deals 225% damage against monsters. Tormented Shadow's current cooldown is reduced by 5% of its maximum whenever Soul Siphon triggers.

Black Shield

Black Shield ability icon
13/12/11/10s 60

Places a barrier around an allied champion for 4 seconds, absorbing 70/150/230/310 + 50% of Magic Damage and blocking disables while the shield holds.

Soul Shackles

Soul Shackles ability icon
75/65/55s 100

Chain nearby enemy champions, dealing 14/16/18% + 0.015% of their maximum health as Magic Damage. The chains persist for 3 seconds, revealing and slowing by 15% Movement Speed.

When the duration ends, chained targets are stunned for 1.5 seconds and dealt magic damage equal to 14/16/18% + 0.015% of their maximum health. Morgana gains 15% Movement Speed as long as the chains last.

Armed with the power of Runeterra's gales, Janna is a mysterious, elemental wind spirit who protects the dispossessed of Zaun. Some believe she was brought into existence by the pleas of Runeterra's sailors who prayed for fair winds as they navigated treacherous waters and braved rough tempests. Her favor and protection has since been called into the depths of Zaun, where Janna has become a beacon of hope to those in need. No one knows where or when she will appear, but more often than not, she's come to help.

Janna's Abilities


Tailwind ability icon

Passively gains 5% Movement Speed. Nearby allied champions also gain this bonus when moving towards Janna.

Howling Gale

Howling Gale ability icon
12s 60/80/100/120

Summons a whirlwind that grows stronger in terms of damage, range, and knock-up effect duration as the ability charges (maximum charge takes 3 seconds).

Recast: releases the whirlwind, dealing 60/90/120/150 + 40% to 105/150/195/240 + 85% Magic Damage and knocking up enemies in its path for 0.5 to 1.25 seconds.

Each second spent charging increases damage by 15/20/25/30 + 15%, knock-up duration by 0.25 seconds, and travel range by 25%. The whirlwind always reaches its destination in 1 second.


Zephyr ability icon
9/8/7/6s 50/55/60/65

Passive: while Zephyr is off cooldown, gains 15/20/25/30% Movement Speed and her attacks deal 25% of additional Movement Speed as Magic Damage.

Active: deals 55/105/155/205 + 60% + 25% of additional Movement Speed as Magic Damage and slows the target by 30/35/40/45% + 6% for 2 seconds.

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm ability icon
13/12/11/10s 70/80/90/100

Blesses a tower or an allied Champion with a Shield that absorbs 90/140/190/240 + 80% damage and grants 10/20/30/40 + 10% Attack Damage while it lasts. The shield decays over 5 seconds.


Monsoon ability icon
80/75/70s 100

Calls forth mighty winds of salvation to knock back surrounding enemies and restore 100/150/200 + 50% Health to nearby allies each second for 3 seconds.

While many other yordles channel their energy into discovery, invention, or just plain mischief-making, Tristana was always inspired by the adventures of great warriors. She had heard much about Runeterra, its factions, and its wars, and believed her kind could become worthy of legend too. Setting foot in the world for the first time, she took up her trusty cannon Boomer, and now leaps into battle with steadfast courage and optimism.

Tristana's Abilities

Draw A Bead

Icon of Draw A Bead ability

Increases the Range of your attacks, Explosive Charge, and Buster Shot by 10 per level.

Rapid Fire

Icon of Rapid Fire ability

Gain 50/75/100/125% bonus Attack Speed for 7 seconds.

Rocket Jump

Icon of Rocket Jump ability
22/19/16/13s 60

Leap to a target location, dealing 85/155/225/295 + 50% magic Damage and 60% Slow to nearby enemies for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds.

Takedowns and fully stacked Explosive Charge detonations on champions reset Rocket Jump's cooldown.

Explosive Charge

Icon of Explosive Charge ability
15/14/13/12s 55/60/65/70

Passive: Enemies explode when killed by Tristana's attacks, dealing 55/85/115/145 + 25% magic Damage to nearby enemies.

Active: Places a bomb on an enemy or turret, dealing 70/90/110/130 + 55/90/125/160% bonus AD + 50% physical Damage to nearby enemies. Tristana's attacks and abilities charge the bomb's damage by 30%, stacking 4 times. Bombs explode immediately at full stacks. Explosion radius is double for bombs placed on turrets.

Buster Shot

Icon of Buster Shot ability
70/65/60s 100

Fires a massive cannonball at an enemy, dealing 350/450/550 + 100% magic Damage and knocking them back.

Something has awoken in Runeterra. Something ancient. Something terrible. The ageless horror known as Fiddlesticks stalks the edges of mortal society, drawn to areas thick with paranoia where it feeds upon terrorized victims. Wielding a jagged scythe, the haggard, makeshift creature reaps fear itself, shattering the minds of those unlucky enough to survive in its wake. Beware the sounding of the crow, or the whispering of the shape that appears almost human… Fiddlesticks has returned.

Fiddlesticks Abilities

A Harmless Scarecrow

A Harmless Scarecrow ability icon

After taking down a Champion or epic monster, summons a Scarecrow Effigy to where they were killed. The Scarecrow Effigy fears nearby enemies after charging up for 2 second(s). The Scarecrow Effigy can be removed by attacks while it is still charging up.


Terrify ability icon
13.5/13/12.5/12s 65

Passive: While out of combat and stationary, or not visible to the enemy team, Fiddlesticks' next damaging ability additionally fears targets hit for 1/1.2/1.4/1.6 second(s).

Active: Summons crows that attack enemies along the path, dealing magic damage equal to (4/5/6/7 + 1.5%)% of the targets' respective current Health. If the targets were recently feared, damage dealt is doubled. Deals a minimum of 45/70/95/120 damage to enemy champions and a maximum of 400 damage to monsters.

Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest ability icon
8/7.5/7/6.5s 60/65/70/75

Siphons the souls of nearby enemies, dealing 50/80/110/140 + 25% magic damage every second for 2 seconds. The last strike deals damage equal to the target's missing Health. Heals itself by draining Health from enemies.

Health recoverable by dealing damage: 35/40/45/50% against enemy champions; 15% against minions; 45% against monsters. Deals 185% damage to monsters. Deals 50% damage to minions.


Reap ability icon
9/8/7/6s 40/45/50/55

Slashes the target location with its scythe, dealing 70/120/170/220 + 50% magic damage to enemies within the area and slowing them by 35/40/45/50% for 1.25 seconds. Enemies in the center are silenced.


Crowstorm ability icon
110/90/70s 100

Channels for 1.5 seconds, then blinks to the target location and summons Crowstorm, dealing 25/42.5/60 + 10% magic damage every 0.25 seconds to nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

Within the dark seams of Runeterra, the demon Evelynn searches for her next victim. She lures in prey with the voluptuous façade of a human female, but once a person succumbs to her charms, Evelynn's true form is unleashed. She then subjects her victim to unspeakable torment, gratifying herself with their pain. To the demon, these liaisons are innocent flings. To the rest of Runeterra, they are ghoulish tales of lust gone awry and horrific reminders of the cost of wanton desire.

Evelynn's Abilities

Demon Shade

Demon Shade ability icon

Enter Demon Shade after not attacking or casting for 4s. Taking damage from enemy champions or turrets puts Demon Shade on a 1.5s cooldown. In Demon Shade, Evelynn regenerates health equivalent to 17 - 45 + 7.5% every second when she is below 320 - 1300 Health. After level 5, Demon Shade grants her Camouflage.

Hate Spike

Hate Spike ability icon
4s 30/35/40/45

Unleashes two lines of spikes, dealing 40/45/50/55 + 40% Magic Damage each to all enemies struck. Can re-cast within 4s. Deals 35/40/45/50% damage to minions.


Allure ability icon
14/13/12/11s 70/80/90/100

Curses target for 5s. Evelynn's next attack or ability will expunge the Curse and slow them by 65% for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75s.

If the Curse lasts at least 2.5s, expunging it charms the target for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75s. If the target is a champion, shreds their Magic Resist by 20/24/28/32% for 4s. If the target is a monster, deals additional 300/350/400/450 + 60% Magic Damage. Casting Allure does not remove Evelynn from Demon Shade.


Whiplash ability icon
8s 45/50/55/60

Whips a target with Lashers, applying on-hit effects and dealing Magic Damage equal to 55/75/95/115 plus 3% (3% + 1.5%) of their max Health. Then, gain 30% Movement Speed for 2s. Entering Demon Shade enhances the next cast to pull Evelynn to the target, dealing increased Magic Damage equal to 75 + [5% + 2%] of their max Health to all enemies in the way.

Last Caress

Last Caress ability icon
105/85/65s 100

Evelynn briefly goes untargetable and decimates the area in front of her before warping backwards a long distance. Deals 120/240/360 + 75% Magic Damage, increased to 230% to enemies below 35% Health.

Sona is Demacia's foremost virtuoso of the stringed etwahl, speaking only through her graceful chords and vibrant arias. This genteel manner has endeared her to the highborn, though others suspect her spellbinding melodies to actually emanate magic—a Demacian taboo. Silent to outsiders but somehow understood by close companions, Sona plucks her harmonies not only to soothe injured allies, but also to strike down unsuspecting enemies.

Sona's Abilities

Power Chord

Power Chord ability icon

After casting three basic abilities, her next attack is enhanced to deal an additional 20 - 160 + 15% of Magic Damage with a bonus effect based on the last ability cast.

  • Hymn of Valor - Staccato: Bonus damage increased to 8 - 64 + 6% of Magic Damage.
  • Aria of Perseverance - Diminuendo: Reduces damage dealt by the target by 25% + 4% for 3s.
  • Song of Celerity - Tempo: Slows by 40% + 4% for 2s.

Basic abilities grant a non-stacking aura for 3s.

Hymn of Valor

Hymn of Valor ability icon
8s 55/60/65/70

Deals 40/75/110/145 + 40% of Magic Damage to the two nearest enemies.

Aura: Enhances allied champions' next attack to deal an additional 10/15/20/25 + 20% of Magic Damage.

Aria of Perseverance

Aria of Perseverance ability icon
10s 85/90/95/100

Heals herself and another allied champion for 30/45/60/75 + 25% of life.

Aura: Grants allied champions a Shield that absorbs 25/55/85/115 + 30% of damage for 3s.

Song of Celerity

Song of Celerity ability icon
14s 80

Gains 10/11/12/13% + 3% of Movement Speed for 5s.

Aura: Grants allied champions 10/11/12/13% + 3% of Movement Speed.


Crescendo ability icon
80/70/60s 100

Passive: Reduces the base cooldown of Sona's basic abilities by 10/20/30%.

Active: Plays an irresistible chord, dealing 150/250/350 + 50% of Magic Damage and stunning for 1s.

Prince Jarvan, scion of the Lightshield dynasty, is heir apparent to the throne of Demacia. Raised to be a paragon of his nation's greatest virtues, he is forced to balance the heavy expectations placed upon him with his own desire to fight on the front lines. Jarvan inspires his troops with his fearsome courage and selfless determination, raising his family's colors high and revealing his true strength as a future leader of his people.

Jarvan IV Abilities

Martial Cadence

Martial Cadence ability icon

The first attack against an enemy deals additional Physical Damage equal to 8% of their current Health (5s Cooldown for each unique enemy).

Dragon Strike

Dragon Strike ability icon
9/8/7/6s 50/55/60/65

Extends Jarvan IV's lance, dealing 80/140/200/260 + 130% of bonus AD as Physical Damage and reducing the Armor of enemies hit by 10/15/20/25% for 3s.

If the lance contacts a Demacian Standard, it will pull Jarvan IV to the Standard, knocking up enemies in his path for 0.75s.

Golden Aegis

Golden Aegis ability icon
10s 30

Unleashes a regal aura that slows surrounding enemies by 20/25/30/35% for 2s and grants a Shield that absorbs 80/120/160/200 + 4% of his max Health for 5s. The shield increases by 1,6/1,9/2,2/2,5% of max Health for each nearby enemy champion.

Demacian Standard

Demacian Standard ability icon
11s 55

Passive: Gains 20/25/30/35% Attack Speed.

Active: Throws a Demacian Standard that deals 80/135/190/245 + 80% Magic Damage and remains in place for 8s, granting nearby ally champions 20/25/30/35% Attack Speed.

Tapping this ability near a Demacian Standard will cast Dragon Strike towards it.


Cataclysm ability icon
75/70/65s 100

Heroically leaps to an enemy champion, dealing 200/350/500 + 170% of bonus AD as Physical Damage to nearby enemies and creating an arena of impassable terrain around them for 3.5s. Cast again to collapse the arena.

Damage dealt by enemies within the Cataclysm is reduced by 12/16/20%. This effect ends once they leave the terrain or when it collapses.

Once honored defenders of Shurima against the Void, Aatrox and his brethren would eventually become an even greater threat to Runeterra, and were defeated only by cunning mortal sorcery. But after centuries of imprisonment, Aatrox was the first to find freedom once more, corrupting and transforming those foolish enough to try and wield the magical weapon that contained his essence. Now, with stolen flesh, he walks Runeterra in a brutal approximation of his previous form, seeking an apocalyptic and long overdue vengeance.

Aatrox Abilities

Deathbringer Stance

Deathbringer Stance ability icon
24s - 13s

Enhances his next attack to deal Physical Damage equal to 5% - 12% of the target's Maximum Health and heals himself for the same amount. Deathbringer Stance's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds whenever Aatrox hits a Champion or large monster with an attack or ability.

Max 50 damage against monsters. Healing reduced by 40% against minions.

The Darkin Blade

The Darkin Blade ability icon

Swings his giant blade, dealing 15/40/65/90 + 65/70/75/80% Physical Damage. This ability can be cast 2 more times, with each cast dealing 25% more damage. Enemies hit on the sweetspot will be knocked airborne for 0.25s and dealt 50% bonus damage. Deals 65% damage to minions.

Infernal Chains

Infernal Chains ability icon

Sends a chain dealing 25/40/55/70 + 40% Physical Damage and slowing the first enemy hit by 1.5s by 25%. If a Champion or large monster remains within the impact area after 1.5s, they will be dragged back to the center and take the same damage again. Deals double damage to minions.

Umbral Dash

Umbral Dash ability icon

Passive: Aatrox gains 19/21/23/25% Physical Vamp against enemy champions, increased to 24/31/38/45 during World Ender.

Active: Dashes forward. This resets Aatrox's normal attack. Usable while casting other abilities.

World Ender

World Ender ability icon

Unleashes his demonic form for 10s, gaining 30/40/50% Attack Damage, 25/35/45% increased healing and 60/80/100% decaying Movement Speed.

During this time, Umbral Dash's Physical Vamp is increased. World Ender's duration is extended by 5s with a takedown, up to 10s extra seconds. Nearby minions and monsters are feared for 3s on activation.

Jericho Swain is the visionary ruler of Noxus, an expansionist nation that reveres only strength. Though he was cast down and crippled in the Ionian wars, his left arm severed, he seized control of the empire with ruthless determination… and a new, demonic hand. Now, Swain commands from the front lines, marching against a coming darkness that only he can see—in glimpses gathered by shadowy ravens from the corpses all around him. In a swirl of sacrifice and secrets, the greatest secret of all is that the true enemy lies within.

Swain's Abilities

Ravenous Flock

Ravenous Flock ability icon

Swain collects Soul Fragments when Vision of Empire and Nevermove hit enemy champions, and also when they die.

Soul Fragments heal Swain for 3% - 6% of Health and provide 12 maximum Health.

Death's Hand

Death's Hand ability icon
6/5/4/3s 50

Swain extends his demonic arm to launch eldritch bolts, dealing 50/80/110/140 + 38% of Magic Damage to enemies within range. Each bolt after the first deals 10/20/30/40 + 5% of Magic Damage, up to a maximum of 110/180/250/320 + 70% damage.

Vision of Empire

Vision of Empire ability icon
21/20/19/18s 65

Swain summons a demonic eye that explodes after a short delay, dealing 80/130/180/230 + 55% of Magic Damage and 30/40/50/60% Slow to enemies for 2.5s, and revealing hit targets for 4s. If Vision of Empire damages an immobilized champion, it will critically strike for 50% damage.

Hit champions will give 1 Soul Fragment.


Nevermove ability icon
10s 60

Swain launches a demonic wave that deals 35/85/135/185 + 25% of Magic Damage to enemies along the way, then turns back after reaching the furthest distance, dealing 35/50/65/80 + 25% of Magic Damage to the area and rooting enemies within the area for 1.5s. Recast: Swain pulls the rooted champions to himself and collects 1 Soul Fragment from targets.

Demonic Ascension

Demonic Ascension ability icon
75/65/55s 100

Swain frees the demon, dealing 20/40/60 + 10% of Magic Damage per second to enemies within his range and restoring 15/25/35 + 12% of his own Health. Recast: Can be cast again after 2s of Demonic Ascension, dealing 150/225/300 + 60% of Magic Damage and 60% Slow to enemies, which decays over 1.5s.

Healing against non-Champions is reduced by 90%.

Demonic Ascension is controlled by demon energy, which depletes over time and can be recharged indefinitely by draining enemy Champions. Champion takedowns fully restore demon energy.

In Noxus, warriors known as Reckoners face one another in arenas where blood is spilled and strength tested—but none has ever been as celebrated as Draven. A former soldier, he found that the crowds uniquely appreciated his flair for the dramatic, and his unparalleled skill with his spinning axes. Addicted to the spectacle of his own brash perfection, Draven has sworn to defeat whomever he must to ensure that his name is chanted throughout the empire forever more.

Draven's Abilities

League of Draven

Icon of the ability League of Draven

Killing a unit or catching a Spinning Axe grants a stack of Adoration. Killing champions consumes all stacks of Adoration and grants 80 additional Gold, plus 4 per stack of Adoration. When Draven is killed, half of the Adoration stacks are lost.

Spinning Axe

Icon of the ability Spinning Axe
10/9/8/7s 45

Gains a Spinning Axe, causing the next attack within the next 6s to deal an additional 45/50/55/60 + 90/100/110/120% bonus AD of Physical Damage. The Spinning Axe bounces off the target, allowing Draven to catch it. Draven can hold two Spinning Axes at once.

Blood Rush

Icon of the ability Blood Rush
10s 40/35/30/25

Gains 20/25/30/35% Attack Speed for 3s and 50/55/60/65% of Movement Speed that decays over 1.5s. Catching a Spinning Axe resets the Cooldown of Blood Rush.

Stand Aside

Icon of the ability Stand Aside
15/14/13/12s 70

Throws his axes, dealing 75/120/165/210 + 50% bonus AD of Physical Damage, 25/30/35/40% Slow for 2s and knocking enemies aside.

Whirling Death

Icon of the ability Whirling Death
70/65/60s 100

Hurls two massive axes, dealing 200/300/400 + 130% bonus AD of Physical Damage. The axes return to Draven when they reach the edge of the map, hit a champion or upon reactivation.

On the way, they deal 8% less damage to subsequent targets, down to a minimum of 60%. On the way back, the reduction is reset and Draven deals the full amount of damage.

A renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks of Bilgewater, Pyke should have met his death in the belly of a gigantic jaull-fish… and yet, he returned. Now, stalking the dank alleys and backways of his former hometown, he uses his new supernatural gifts to bring a swift and gruesome end to those who make their fortune by exploiting others—and a city that prides itself on hunting monsters now finds a monster hunting them.

Pyke's Abilities

Gift of the Drowned Ones

Icon of the ability Gift of the Drowned Ones

Stores (10% + 0.35%) of damage taken from Champions. This value will increase to (50% + 0.65%) when there are two or more visible enemy Champions nearby. The stored damage cannot exceed the lower value between 65% of Maximum Health and (160 + 800% of bonus AD).

When Pyke is not visible to enemies, he heals the amount of stored damage. Pyke cannot increase his own Maximum Health and converts 14 of bonus Health into 1 Attack Damage.

Bone Skewer

Icon of the ability Bone Skewer
9.5/9/8.5/8s 35/40/45/50

Charge: Slows himself by 20% for up to 3 seconds, increasing cast range over the first 0.8 seconds.

Release: Hurls his spear, dealing 130/195/260/325 + 60% of bonus AD of Physical Damage and 90% Slow to the target for 1 second, and pulling it in.

Releasing the ability immediately will cause Pyke to thrust his spear instead, dealing the same damage.

Deals 50% damage to minions and 50% damage to monsters.

If Bone Skewer is overcharged but not released, part of the Cooldown and 50% of the Mana cost will be refunded.

Ghostwater Dive

Icon of the ability Ghostwater Dive
10.5/10/9.5/9s 50

Becomes camouflaged for 5 seconds and gains 40% (+ 2%) of Movement Speed that decays over the duration.

Phantom Undertow

Icon of the ability Phantom Undertow
11/10.5/10/9.5s 40

Dashes forward, leaving behind a phantom. After 1 second, the phantom returns to Pyke, dealing 120/170/220/270 + 100% of bonus AD of Physical Damage and stunning for [1.5 + 1.5%] seconds. Deals 50% damage to minions and monsters.

Death from Below

Icon of the ability Death from Below
80/70/60s 100

Marks the target area with an X, executing enemy Champions below (250/400/550 + 80% of bonus AD + 250% of Lethality) Health. Non-Champions and Champions above this threshold take 50% of the damage value as Physical Damage.

If an enemy Champion is hit, Pyke blinks to the location. If he was executed, Pyke can recast Death from Below within 15 seconds.

Each execution grants Pyke a reward of 100% of Gold. If an ally assisted, the executions will grant 100% of the Gold to them and 140% of the Gold to Pyke. (maximum 600). Enemies killed by an ally within the X grant Pyke 140% of the Gold (maximum 600).

No mortal exemplifies the spiritual traditions of Ionia more than Karma. She is the living embodiment of an ancient soul reincarnated countless times, carrying all her accumulated memories into each new life, and blessed with power that few can comprehend. She has done her best to guide her people in recent times of crisis, though she knows that peace and harmony may come only at a considerable cost—both to her, and to the land she holds most dear.

Karma's Abilities


Mantra ability icon

Every spell cast grants Karma a stack of Mantra. At 3 stacks, she enters a Mantra State, enhancing her next basic ability.

Inner Flame

Inner Flame ability icon
10/9/8/7s 60

Fires a blast of energy, dealing 70/110/150/190 + 40% Magic Damage to the first target hit and surrounding enemies, and slowing them by 35% for 1.5 seconds.

Mantra: Increases the destructive power of the blast, dealing 70/150/230/310 + 50% Magic Damage to the first target hit and surrounding enemies. The blast leaves a field for 1.5 seconds, slowing targets by 50%, after which it explodes and deals 40/80/120/160 + 50%.

Focused Resolve

Focused Resolve ability icon
15 55/60/65/70

Tethers up to two nearby enemy champions, dealing 35/60/85/110 + 40% Magic Damage and revealing them for 1.75 seconds. If targets fail to break the tether, they take 40/70/100/130 + 45% Magic Damage and are rooted for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds.

Mantra: A new tether will be formed between tethered targets. If there is only one tethered, the new tether will spread toward an additional nearby enemy champion. If targets fail to break all the tethers, they take 40/70/100/130 + 45% Magic Damage and are rooted for an improved 1.5/1.75/2/2.25 seconds.


Inspire ability icon
10/9.5/9/8.5s 70

Grants an allied champion 70/100/130/160 + 65% Shield and 30% Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

Mantra: Karma focuses her power, granting a 140/200/260/320 + 65% Shield that decays over 4 seconds and 60% Movement Speed that decays 20% over the same duration. An additional ring is generated around the shielded target, and the first ally champion who enters the ring will be granted the same shield and Movement Speed.

Transcendent Embrace

Transcendent Embrace ability icon
70/65/60s 100

Immediately enters Mantra State. Forms a ring of spirit energy at the target location. After 1 second, it detonates, dealing 150/250/350 + 60% Magic Damage and slowing all enemies inside the circle by 35% for 1 second. If enemies are hit by the outer ring, they will be knocked back toward the center.

A war hero from a bygone era, Sion was revered in Noxus for choking the life out of a Demacian king with his bare hands—but, denied oblivion, he was resurrected to serve his empire even in death. His indiscriminate slaughter claimed all who stood in his way, regardless of allegiance, proving he no longer retained his former humanity. Even so, with crude armor bolted onto rotten flesh, Sion continues to charge into battle with reckless abandon, struggling to remember his true self between the swings of his mighty axe.

Sion's Abilities

Glory in Death

Icon of the ability Glory in Death

Sion permanently gains 5 bonus health whenever he kills a unit, increased to 20 against large units, and champion takedowns. Upon taking fatal damage, Sion will reanimate himself, Fearing those around him for 1 second, while slowing their Movement Speed by 90%. After reanimating, Sion can move and Attack, but his health rapidly decays. Sion reanimates with 100% health, attacks at 1.75 attacks per second, gains 100% Physical Vamp, his attacks deal an additional 8% max Health magic damage, capped at 75 bonus damage against monsters, and deal 50% damage to structures. All of Sion's abilities are replaced with Death Surge, which grants him 67% Movement Speed decaying over 2.38 seconds.

Decimating Smash

Icon of the ability Decimating Smash
9/8/7/6s 45

Sion charges a heavy blow for up to 1.75 seconds.

Recast: Sion slams his axe down, briefly Slowing enemies hit by 50% for 0.25 seconds and dealing between (40/65/90/115 + 45/55/65/75%) and (80/165/250/335 + 135/165/195/225%) physical damage based on charge time. If Sion charged for at least 0.75 second, enemies are Knocked Up and Stunned for between 1~2s based on charge time. Minions take 60% damage, while Monsters take 120% damage.

Soul Furnace

Icon of the ability Soul Furnace
15/14/13/12s 65

Sion gains a shield that absorbs 75/100/125/150 + 40% + 10/11/12/13% of their max Health damage for 6 seconds. After 2 seconds if the shield still holds, Sion can Recast to detonate the shield to deal 40/75/110/145 + 40% plus 10/11/12/13% of their max Health to all nearby enemies. Bonus damage is capped at 400 against monsters. The shield will automatically detonate after 6 seconds.

Roar of the Slayer

Icon of the ability Roar of the Slayer
11/10/9/8s 35/40/45/50

Sion fires a shockwave, dealing 75/120/165/210 + 55% magic damage. Slowing them by 50/55/60/65% for 2.5 seconds and removing 20% Armor for 4 seconds. Non-champions hit are Knocked Back. Enemies hit by a Knocked Back unit take the same damage and effects.

Unstoppable Onslaught

Icon of the ability Unstoppable Onslaught
90/70/50s 100

Sion charges Unstoppably in a direction, turning with player input. Sion stops when colliding with an enemy champion, structure, terrain, or when recasting this ability. When this happens, Sion will slam the ground with earth shattering force, dealing between (150/300/450 + 40% bonus) and (400/800/1200 + 80% bonus) physical damage while Stunning and Knocking Up enemies for 0.5~1.5s based on charge time. Deals 50% damage to structures.

A Zaunite plague rat by birth, but a connoisseur of filth by passion, Twitch is not afraid to get his paws dirty. Aiming a chem-powered crossbow at the gilded heart of Piltover, he has vowed to show those in the city above just how filthy they really are. Always a sneaky sneak, when he's not rooting around in the Sump, he's digging deep into other people's garbage for discarded treasures… and perhaps a moldy sandwich.

Twitch Abilities

Deadly Venom

Deadly Venom ability icon

Your attacks poison enemies for 5 seconds, dealing 1 - 5 + 3.5% of True Damage per second, stacking up to 5 times.

When an enemy Champion is at maximum stacks of Deadly Venom, Twitch gains 10% - 30% Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Monsters take 30% more damage from Deadly Venom.


Ambush ability icon
15s 40

Twitch becomes Camouflaged and gains 10% Movement Speed for 8/9/10/11 seconds, increasing to 20% when nearby enemy champions cannot see Twitch.

For 3 seconds after exiting Camouflage, Twitch's attacks will apply an additional stack of Deadly Venom. Ambush's cooldown resets when a champion infected with Deadly Venom dies.

Camouflage: Hide from enemy champions by keeping them outside Twitch's detection radius. Attacks and offensive abilities end Camouflage early.

Venom Cask

Venom Cask ability icon
12/11/10/9s 70

Throws a cask that applies 1 stack of Deadly Venom and causes 30/35/40/45% + 6% Slow to enemies for 3 seconds. The casting time decreases with Twitch's Attack Speed.


Contaminate ability icon
16/15/14/13s 50/60/70/80

Deals Physical Damage to all enemies affected by Deadly Venom. Each stack deals 20/25/30/35 + 37% bonus AD + 30% damage.

Enemies at maximum stacks spread the damage to nearby targets and apply maximum stacks of Deadly Venom to them.

Deals 30% additional damage against monsters.

Spray and Pray

Spray and Pray ability icon
80/70/60s 100/100/100

For 6 seconds gain 225 Attack Range and 25/40/55 additional Attack Damage. Transforms attacks into piercing bolts that hit all enemies in a line.

Subsequent targets take 10% less damage, down to a minimum of 60%.

Cutting a burning swath through the darkest places of the world, Kassadin knows his days are numbered. A widely traveled Shuriman guide and adventurer, he had chosen to raise a family among the peaceful southern tribes—until the day his village was consumed by the Void. He vowed vengeance, combining a number of arcane artifacts and forbidden technologies for the struggle ahead. Finally, Kassadin set out for the wastelands of Icathia, ready to face any monstrous Void-construct in his search for their self-proclaimed prophet, Malzahar.

Kassadin's Abilities

Void Stone

Void Stone ability icon

Gains a Shield that absorbs 50 - 190 + 30% of Magic Damage for 1.5s when casting a spell near a visible enemy champion.

Null Sphere

Null Sphere ability icon
10/9/8/7s 70/75/80/85

Fires an orb that deals 80/145/210/275 + 80% of Magic Damage and silences the first enemy hit for 1s.

Nether Blade

Nether Blade ability icon
10s 20

Enhances his next attack within 4s to gain 250 range, deal an additional 50/80/110/140 + 50% of Magic Damage, and restore 5% (15% against Champions) of missing Mana. If the attack kills the target, Nether Blade's cooldown is reduced by 50%.

Force Pulse

Force Pulse ability icon
12/10/8/6s 70/75/80/85

Deals 60/100/140/180 + 60% of Magic Damage to enemies and slows by 30% for 1s. Force Pulse is enhanced after 6 other spells are cast nearby, dealing 40% increased damage and 90% slow.


Riftwalk ability icon
6/4,5/3s 70

Blinks to target location and deals 80/100/120 + 30% +1.5% of Mana of Magic Damage to nearby enemies. The next Riftwalk cast within 12s deals 50% increased damage and costs 200% additional Mana (Stacks up to 3 times).

A lonely legend as old as the first piers sunk in Bilgewater, the armored goliath known as Nautilus roams the dark waters off the coast of the Blue Flame Isles. Driven by a forgotten betrayal, he strikes without warning, swinging his enormous anchor to save the wretched, and drag the greedy to their doom. It is said he comes for those who forget to pay the "Bilgewater tithe", pulling them down beneath the waves with him—an iron-clad reminder that none can escape the depths.

Nautilus Abilities

Staggering Blow

Staggering Blow ability icon

Attacks deal an additional 13 - 125 Physical Damage and Root the target for 1s - 1.75s second. This effect will not affect the same enemy again for 6 seconds.

Dredge Line

Dredge Line ability icon
12/11/10/9s 60

Nautilus hurls his anchor forward, dealing 60/120/180/240 + 90% Magic Damage to the first target hit and pulling them towards Nautilus. If the anchor hits terrain, Nautilus pulls himself towards it and recovers 50% of the Cooldown and Mana of Dredge Line.

Titan's Wrath

Titan's Wrath ability icon
12s 80

Gains a Shield that absorbs 55/65/75/85 + 10/11/12/13% of maximum Health damage for up to 6 seconds.

While the Shield holds, Nautilus' basic attacks are empowered, dealing 40/50/60/70 + 40% additional Magic Damage around the target. Deals 200% more damage against monsters.


Riptide ability icon
6.5/6/5.5/5s 60/70/80/90

Sends waves emanating outwards that deal 60/100/140/180 + 50% Magic Damage and 35/40/45/50% Slow, decaying over 1.5 seconds. Enemies hit by subsequent waves take 50% damage. Deals 175% damage against monsters.

Depth Charge

Depth Charge ability icon
60/50/40s 100

Nautilus fires a Depth Charge towards an enemy champion, dealing 150/275/400 + 80% Magic Damage, Knocking them Up and Stunning them for 1/1.5/2 seconds. Other enemies hit by the Depth Charge are also Knocked Up, Stunned and take 125/175/225 + 40% Magic Damage.

Utterly mad, tragically homicidal, and horrifyingly purple, Dr. Mundo is what keeps many of Zaun's citizens indoors on particularly dark nights. Now a self-proclaimed physician, he was once a patient of Zaun's most infamous asylum. After "curing" the entire staff, Dr. Mundo established his practice in the empty wards that once treated him and began mimicking the highly unethical procedures he had so often experienced himself. With a full cabinet of medicines and zero medical knowledge, he now makes himself more monstrous with each injection and terrifies the hapless "patients" who wander near his office.

Dr. Mundo's Abilities

Goes Where He Pleases

Icon of the ability Goes Where He Pleases

Resist the first immobilizing effects, losing 3% current Health instead and dropping a Chemical Canister nearby. Retrieving the Canister reduces the cooldown by 10 seconds and heals Dr. Mundo for 4% of his maximum health. Regenerates 1% - 2% of his Maximum Health every 5 seconds. Enemy champions destroy the Canister if they reach it first.

Infected Bonesaw

Icon of the ability Infected Bonesaw
4s 50

Throw his bonesaw, dealing Magic Damage equal to 20/23/26/29% of the target's current Health (min: 90/160/230/300) and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. Hitting an enemy heals Dr. Mundo for 25, or 50 on hitting a champion or monster. Deals up to 250/350/450/550 damage against monsters.

Heart Zapper

Icon of the ability Heart Zapper
13/12/11/10s 5%

Charges a defibrillator for 4 seconds, dealing 20/40/60/80 Magic Damage per second to nearby enemies.

Re-cast: Detonates the defibrillator, dealing 20/40/60/80 +7% bonus Magic Damage to nearby enemies. If the detonation damaged an enemy, Dr. Mundo heals for 15% of the damage taken during Heart Zapper's duration. If it damaged a champion or monster, he heals 30/35/40/45% instead.

Blunt Force Trauma

Icon of the ability Blunt Force Trauma
8/7,5/7/6,5s 10/20/30/40

Passive: Dr. Mundo gains 15/20/25/30, plus up to 30/40/50/60 Attack Damage based on his missing health.

Active: Empowers his next attack to deal an additional 5/20/35/50 +7% bonus Physical Damage, increased by up to 60% based on Dr. Mundo's missing health.

Dr. Mundo swats the target away if it was killed or was a small monster, dealing the same damage to enemies.

Maximum Dosage

Icon of the ability Maximum Dosage

Dr. Mundo's base Health is increased by 25/30/35% of his missing Health. He also gains Attack Damage (4% bonus ), 15/25/35% Movement Speed for 10 seconds and heals 15/35/55% of his maximum Health over the duration.

Once a powerful Noxian headsman, Urgot was betrayed by the empire for which he had killed so many. Bound in iron chains, he was forced to learn the true meaning of strength in the Dredge—a prison mine deep beneath Zaun. Emerging in a disaster that spread chaos throughout the city, he now casts an imposing shadow over its criminal underworld. Raising his victims on the very chains that once enslaved him, he will purge his new home of the unworthy, making it a crucible of pain.

Urgot's Abilities

Echoing Flames

Echoing Flames ability icon

Urgot's attacks and Purge periodically trigger blasts from his leg cannons, dealing 50% - 80% + 2% - 5% of the target's max health as Physical Damage (15s - 3s cooldown per leg). Deals 100 - 380 max damage to monsters.

Corrosive Charge

Corrosive Charge ability icon
9.5/9/8.5/8s 70

Fires an explosive charge that deals 25/85/145/205 + 70% Physical Damage and 45/50/55/60% Slow for 1.25s.


Purge ability icon
12/8/4/0.5s 30/20/10/0

Shoots the nearest enemy rapidly for 4s, dealing 12 + 20/25/30/35% Physical Damage and applying On-Hit Effects at 70% effectiveness. During this time, Urgot's Movement Speed is reduced by 125 and he gains 40% Slow Resist. Re-cast: Ends Purge.

Deals a minimum of 50 damage to minions and monsters, prioritizes the champion hit most recently by Urgot's abilities. At max rank, Purge gains infinite duration.


Disdain ability icon
15/14/13/12s 60/70/80/90

Gains a Shield that absorbs 60/90/120/150 + 150% bonus AD + 15% bonus Health for 4s and charges forward, dealing 90/130/170/210 + 100% bonus AD Physical Damage and stunning them for 1.5s. Flings the first enemy champion over him and knocks non-champions aside.

Fear Beyond Death

Fear Beyond Death ability icon
70/60/50s 100

Fires a chem-drill that deals 100/225/350 + 70% bonus AD Physical Damage to the first champion hit and impales them for 4s, slowing them by up to 75% based on their missing health. Re-cast: If the impaled target falls below 25% Health, Urgot channels for 1.5 seconds while he reels in and executes them. Upon an execution, nearby enemies are feared for 1.5 seconds.

Fear Beyond Death is automatically re-cast if the enemy is below the threshold at the end of the duration.

The Noxian occupation of Ionia produced many heroes, none more unlikely than young Irelia of Navori. Trained in the ancient dances of her province, she adapted her art for war, using the graceful and carefully practised movements to levitate a host of deadly blades. After proving herself as a fighter, she was thrust into the role of resistance leader and figurehead, and to this day remains dedicated to the preservation of her homeland.

Irelia's Abilities

Ionian Fervor

Icon of the Ionian Fervor ability

Hitting enemies with abilities grants 3% to 17% additional Attack Speed for 6 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. At max stacks, your attacks will deal 30 to 100 + 25% bonus AD of Magic Damage on hit to Champions and minions. Attacking enemy Champions refreshes the duration. An ability that hits more than one Champion will also grant more than one stack.


Icon of the Bladesurge ability
9/8/7/6s 20

Dashes to an enemy, dealing 15/45/75/105 + 60% of Physical Damage and healing for 19/21/23/25%. Bladesurge's cooldown is refreshed if the target was Marked or dies to Bladesurge. When aimed, Bladesurge will prioritize targets it will reset on. Deals 150% damage to minions.

Defiant Dance

Icon of the Defiant Dance ability
14/13/12/11s 75/80/85/90

Hold: Irelia defends with her blades for up to 1.5 seconds, taking (60% + 7%) reduced damage.

Release: Irelia whips the blades forward, dealing 20/35/50/65 + 50% + 40% of Physical Damage, increased by up to 100% with charge time. Cannot be interrupted.

Flawless Duet

Icon of the Flawless Duet ability
13/12/11/10s 50

Sends a blade to target location. May be recast within 3 seconds to send another blade. The blades converge upon reaching their destination, dealing 80/130/180/230 + 80% of Magic Damage, stunning enemy Champions and large monsters for 1 second and applying a Mark for 5 seconds upon hitting them.

Vanguard's Edge

Icon of the Vanguard's Edge ability
70/65/60s 100

Fires a storm of blades that deals 125/250/375 + 70% of Magic Damage and applies a Mark to enemy Champions and large monsters for 5 seconds. The blades explode into a wall for 3 seconds upon hitting an enemy Champion. This wall deals 100/150/200 + 70% of Magic Damage and 90% Slow to targets for 1 second.

Hecarim is a spectral fusion of man and beast, cursed to ride down the souls of the living for all eternity. When the Blessed Isles fell into shadow, this proud knight was obliterated by the destructive energies of the Ruination, along with all his cavalry and their mounts. Now, whenever the Black Mist reaches out across Runeterra, he leads their devastating charge, reveling in the slaughter and crushing the foe beneath his armored hooves.

Hecarim Abilities


Warpath ability icon

Hecarim gains Attack Damage equivalent to 12%-24% of his additional Movement Speed (scales with level).


Rampage ability icon
4.5/4/3.5/3s 28/32/36/40

Tap: Hecarim charges his halberd for up to 0.75s, increasing the area in which he deals damage.

Cast: Hecarim swings his halberd, dealing up to 10/20/30/40 + 110% of Physical Damage based on charge time.

If Hecarim hits an enemy champion or large monster with a full charge, he lands a Critical Hit for 120% damage and gains 40% additional Movement Speed that decays over 3s. This also empowers his next Rampage within the next 8s, causing it to deal 135% damage.

Spirit of Dread

Spirit of Dread ability icon
16/15/14/13s 50/60/70/80

Gains 6/12/18/24 Armor and Magic Resistance and heals himself for 5/10/15/20 + 1% of his Health. Deals 15/20/25/30 + 20% Magic Damage over 4s to nearby enemies.

Dealing damage to enemies heals him for [20 + 2% bonus AD]% of the damage dealt as Health. Healing from minions and monsters is reduced by 50% and capped at 90/130/170/210 Health.

Devastating Charge

Devastating Charge ability icon
18/17/16/15s 60

Gains 25% Movement Speed, which increases to 65% over 4s. Hecarim will dash towards the enemy if his next attack is within 5s, dealing 5/10/15/20 + 30% bonus AD Physical Damage and knocking back the target. He will also pursue the knocked back enemy. The remaining duration of this ability is paused during Onslaught of Shadows.

Onslaught of Shadows

Onslaught of Shadows ability icon
100/85/70s 100

Hecarim summons spectral riders and charges forward, dealing 150/250/350 + 100% Magic Damage. At the end of the charge, he releases a shockwave that causes Fear for 0.75-1.5s (the duration increases based on the charge distance).

A manic and impulsive criminal from Zaun, Jinx lives to wreak havoc without care for the consequences. With an arsenal of deadly weapons, she unleashes the loudest blasts and brightest explosions to leave a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake. Jinx despises boredom, and gleefully brings her own chaotic brand of pandemonium wherever she goes.

Jinx's Abilities

Get Excited!

Get Excited! ability icon

Scoring a takedown on a champion or structure that Jinx has damaged within the last 3 seconds grants her 150% decaying Movement Speed and 15% Total Attack Speed for 6 seconds. While Excited, Jinx can exceed the Attack Speed cap.


Switcheroo! ability icon
1s 30

Swaps weapons.

Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher: Attacks cost Mana but gain 80/95/110/125 range and explode to deal 110% damage to the target and enemies around it.

Pow-Pow, the Minigun: Attacks grant bonus Attack Speed for 2.5 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times for a total bonus of 30/60/90/120%. Pow-Pow's stacks fall off one at a time and will only benefit the first attack fired from Fishbones.


Zap! ability icon
8/7/6/5s 50/60/70/80

Fires a shock blast that deals 10/80/150/220 + 160% Physical Damage to the first enemy hit, granting vision of it and slowing it by 30/40/50/60% for 2 seconds.

Flame Chompers!

Flame Chompers! ability icon
16/14/12/10s 70

Tosses out three chompers that arm after a brief delay. Chompers explode on contact with enemy champions, interrupting their dashes and rooting them for 1.45/1.55/1.65/1.75 seconds. Enemies hit by the explosion take 70/140/210/280 + 100% Magic Damage. Chompers last for 5 seconds and will explode automatically if no champion triggers them.

Super Mega Death Rocket!

Super Mega Death Rocket! ability icon
50/45/40s 100

Fires a mega-rocket that gains damage and speed over the first second it travels. The rocket explodes on the first enemy champion hit, dealing 25 to 250 physical damage 25/35/45 + 15% bonus to 250/350/450 + 150% bonus plus 25/30/35% of their missing health. Nearby enemies take 80% damage. Deals a max of 500 damage to epic monsters.

Renekton is a terrifying, rage-fueled Ascended being from the scorched deserts of Shurima. Once, he was his empire's most esteemed warrior, leading the nation's armies to countless victories. However, after the empire's fall, Renekton was entombed beneath the sands, and slowly, as the world turned and changed, he succumbed to insanity. Now free once more, he is utterly consumed with finding and killing his brother, Nasus, who he blames, in his madness, for the centuries he spent in darkness.

Renekton's Abilities

Reign of Anger

Reign of Anger ability icon

Casting abilities with 50 Fury or more consumes that Fury for enhanced effects. Enhanced abilities do not generate any Fury.

Attacks generate 5 Fury. Fury gains are increased by 50% when under 50% Health. Out of combat, 4 Fury dissipates every second.

Cull the Meek

Cull the Meek ability icon

Deal 80/130/180/230 + 90% bonus physical damage to nearby enemies, generating 5 Fury and healing for 7/9/11/13 + 10% bonus per enemy unit.

Reign of Anger: Damage increases to 120/195/270/345 + 135% bonus physical damage and healing is increased by 200%.

Ruthless Predator

Ruthless Predator ability icon

Empowers the next attack to strike twice, stunning for 0.75 seconds and dealing 20/50/80/110 + 150% physical damage.

Reign of Anger: Strikes three times, stunning for 1.5 seconds and dealing 30/75/120/165 + 225% physical damage. Under the effect of Red Fury, clear all shields on the target.

Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice ability icon

Dash in a direction, dealing 40/80/120/160 + 90% bonus physical damage and generating 5 Fury for each enemy passed through. Hitting an enemy grants a second dash to cast within 4 seconds.

Reign of Anger: The second dash now deals 70/130/190/250 + 135% bonus physical damage and shreds armor by 25/30/35/40% for 4 seconds.


Dominus ability icon

Gain 20 Fury and 250/500/750 Health for 12 seconds. Every second after casting, gain 5 Fury and deal 50/100/150 + 20% magic damage to nearby enemies.

Shyvana is a creature with the magic of a rune shard burning within her heart. Though she often appears humanoid, she can take her true form as a fearsome dragon, incinerating her foes with fiery breath. Having saved the life of the crown prince Jarvan IV, Shyvana now serves uneasily in his royal guard, struggling to find acceptance among the suspicious people of Demacia.

Shyvana's Abilities

Draconic Bloodline

Draconic Bloodline ability icon

Slaying a Large Monster grants 8 stacks of Draconic Bloodline.

Champion takedowns or slaying the Rift Herald or Baron Nashor grants 12 stacks of Draconic Bloodline.

Slaying a Dragon grants 35 stacks of Draconic Bloodline.

Every 100 stacks of Draconic Bloodline enhances one of Shyvana's abilities.

Twin Bite

Twin Bite ability icon

Empowers Shyvana's next attack to strike twice, dealing 100% and 20/40/60/80% physical damage respectively. Attacks reduce the Cooldown of Twin Bite by 0.5s.

Dragon Form: Strikes in a larger area and applies on-hits to all enemies.

Acquiring 100 stacks of Draconic Bloodline grants Weight of the Mountain, causing Twin Bite to slow enemies hit by 50% while in Dragon Form.


Burnout ability icon

Deals 30/45/60/75 + 25% bonus magic damage per second to nearby enemies and hastes Shyvana by 30/35/40/45%, decaying over 3 seconds. Attacking extends the duration of Burnout by up to 4 seconds.

Dragon Form: Expands the flames, dealing damage in a larger area.

Acquiring 200 stacks of Draconic Bloodline grants Wings of the Cloud, causing Burnout to haste Shyvana by an additional 25% while in Dragon Form.

Flame Breath

Flame Breath ability icon

Launches a fireball that deals 60/110/160/210 + 30% + 40% magic damage to enemies hit and Scorches them for 5 seconds. Shyvana's attacks on Scorched enemies deal bonus magic damage equal to 3% of their max health.

Dragon Form: The fireball explodes on impact, dealing 110 + 50% + 70% magic damage in an area and leaving a fire for 4 seconds. The fire deals 34 + 10% + 20% magic damage per second and Scorches enemies within it.

Acquiring 300 stacks of Draconic Bloodline grants Breath of the Infernal, converting the damage dealt to Scorched enemies to True Damage while in Dragon Form.

Dragon's Descent

Dragon's Descent ability icon
1s 100 Fury

Passive: Generate 1/1.5/2 Fury per second and 2 Fury per attack. At 100 Fury Shyvana can cast Dragon's Descent. Shyvana remains in Dragon form until she has consumed all of the Fury.

Active: Transform into a Dragon, gaining 150/250/350 Health and flying to a target location. Enemies along Shyvana's path take 150/250/350 + 80% magic damage and are knocked towards her landing point.

Acquiring 400 stacks of Draconic Bloodline grants Life of the Ocean, gaining 15% Omnivamp in Dragon Form.

Once a swordmaster in the warhosts of Noxus, Riven is an expatriate in a land she previously tried to conquer. She rose through the ranks on the strength of her conviction and brutal efficiency, and was rewarded with a legendary runic blade and a warband of her own. However, on the Ionian front, Riven's faith in her homeland was tested and ultimately broken. Having severed all ties to the empire, she now seeks to find her place in a shattered world, even as rumors abound that Noxus itself has been reforged...

Riven's Abilities

Runic Blade

Runic Blade ability icon

Riven's abilities charge her blade up to 3 times. Attacks expend charges to deal 22% - 50% as Physical Damage. Deals 50% damage to monsters and structures.

Broken Wings

Broken Wings ability icon

Slash in a direction up to 3 times. Each slash deals 20/45/70/95 + 55/60/65/70% Physical Damage to nearby enemies. The third slash crosses terrain and knocks up nearby enemies for 0.5s. Tap-casting prioritizes champions and large monsters within slash range.

Ki Burst

Ki Burst ability icon

Stuns nearby enemies for 0.75s, dealing 55/95/135/175 + 100% bonus AD Physical Damage.


Valor ability icon

Dash in a direction and gain a Shield absorbing 75/110/145/180 + 90% bonus AD damage for 2s. Valor cannot cross terrain.

Blade of the Exile

Blade of the Exile ability icon

Expand Riven's blade for 12s, granting 20% bonus Attack Damage, increasing the Range of her attacks and damaging abilities, and granting a single cast of Wind Slash.

Wind Slash: Launches a shockwave, dealing 100/150/200 + 60% bonus AD to 300/450/600 + 180% bonus AD Physical Damage based upon enemies' missing health.

Jayce is a brilliant inventor who has pledged his life to the defense of Piltover and its unyielding pursuit of progress. With his transforming hextech hammer in hand, Jayce uses his strength, courage, and considerable intelligence to protect his hometown. While revered throughout the city as a hero, he hasn't taken well to the attention heroism brings. Still, Jayce's heart is in the right place, and even those who envy his natural skills are grateful for his protection in the City of Progress.

Jayce's Abilities

Hextech Capacitor

Hextech Capacitor ability icon

Transforming between the Mercury Hammer and the Mercury Cannon grants 30 Movement Speed for 1.25s.

To The Skies!

To The Skies! ability icon
14/12/10/8/6s 40

Leaps to an enemy, dealing 60/110/160/210/260 + 130% bonus AD as Physical Damage and slowing nearby enemies by 35/40/45/50/55% for 2s.

Shock Blast

Shock Blast ability icon
8s 55/60/65/70/75

Fires an orb of electricity that detonates on hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its path, dealing 70/140/210/280/350 + 130% bonus AD as Physical Damage. Orbs fired through an Acceleration Gate travel further and faster, increasing their damage by 40%.

Lightning Field

Lightning Field ability icon
10s 40

Passive: Attacks with the Mercury Hammer restore 8/11/14/17/20 Mana.

Active: Releases an electrifying aura, dealing 100/180/260/340/420 + 100% as Magic Damage over 4s to nearby enemies. Deals 70% damage to monsters.

Hyper Charge

Hyper Charge ability icon
13/11/9/7/5s 40

Gains a burst of energy, increasing Attack Speed to maximum for 3 attacks within 4 seconds. These attacks deal 70/80/90/100/110% as Physical Damage.

Thundering Blow

Thundering Blow ability icon
18/16/14/12/10s 50

Knocks a target and enemies near them backwards, dealing Magic Damage equal to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of their maximum health plus 100% bonus AD. Deals a maximum of 150/275/400/525/650 damage to monsters.

Acceleration Gate

Acceleration Gate ability icon
14s 50

Deploys an Acceleration Gate that grants 35/40/45/50/55% decaying Movement Speed for 3s to ally champions that pass through it.

Shock Blasts fired through the gate travel farther and faster, increasing their damage by 40%.

Mercury Hammer

Mercury Hammer ability icon

Transforms the Mercury Cannon into the Mercury Hammer, gaining new abilities, 16% Attack Speed (+1% per level) and 5 Armor and Magic Resist (5 + 9% bonus).

The next attack with the Mercury Hammer is empowered to deal an additional 28-140 + 25% bonus AD as Magic Damage.

Mercury Cannon

Mercury Cannon ability icon

Transforms the Mercury Hammer into the Mercury Cannon, gaining new abilities and ranged attacks.

The next attack with the Mercury Cannon is empowered to deal an additional 13-55 + 10% bonus AD as Magic Damage and reduce the target's Armor and Magic Resist by 11-25% for 5s.

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